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Discussion in 'Midwest USA' started by lucyinthesky, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if the 'racinos' in Indiana are playing real blackjack on their electronic tables or if the state regulates these machines like a slot machine. ie, On the royal match game if it states that is a shuffle after every hand, is each player and dealer using their own shoe? If so another player cannot effect the outcome of other hands. And will BS keep the house edge to that of a real blackjack game or is it a slot payout?
  2. lucyinthesky

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    The game rules for this table are dealer hit soft 17, double any cards and double after split allowed. I have noticed many variances on these tables and the other electronic tables they use with the non-dealing attendant. Back to the Royal match game tables, some say they are a 6 deck shoe, reshuffle at 2/3, but is there a way to tell when the shuffle is? And would this machine be more like a real game or again is this a fancy slot? And what can a BS player expect? I have memorized some bs tables and variances with different rules but am I wasting my time. Starting to count but just dabbleing now.
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    Yes, I am sorry to be the "bearer of ill tidings", but all you will do is lose money playing against a machine.
  4. Lucy

    Do not play against this machine! Do not give in to this abomination.

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    well, i believe those machines can be configured, lots and lots of different ways.
    it's been reported that in Pennsylvania they are configured such that each player gets dealt from their own shoe sort of thing. the story on that goes that it's a matter of law in Pa.

    so what about Indiana? i dunno, but normal table blackjack games are legal in Indiana, so why wouldn't the machine be configured to play like a normal table game? what ever if it is set up like normal blackjack, it's either a csm or deals 2/3 of the pack but you don't know when the shuffle comes, sort of thing. so if that's the case (big if) then yes the house edge should work out according to basic strategy play.
    well if it is set up as a normal game i believe the HE = -0.627 with perfect basic strategy play.
    edit: errhh for h17daslsr only split to one hand, nrsa

    here is a link for more on these machines:
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