Reader of the pack

Reader of the pack
Wednesday April 17, 2002
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How easy is it to win at blackjack? Dead easy, if you know how.
Sandra Newman was a key member of a team of grifters that flew round
the world, their suitcases stuffed with dollars, beating casinos at
their own game. This is her story

'Professional gambler's assistants wanted, preferably. female.
£120/week plus 5 per cent of net, international travel.'
It all started with an ad in Loot. I came across it during the lunch
hour at my dead-end temping job, and without a second thought, I'd
rung the number. A few minutes later I had been invited to an
interview in the bar of a Kensington hotel. The husky voice at the
end of the line told me I'd recognise him by his full-length, black
leather trenchcoat. Putting down the phone, I already felt myself
escaping from my mundane existence into the world of international
crime where I belonged.

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