Reliable Online Casino Directories


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:gun::gun::gun:I would suggest a real casino if there is one in your area. Being restricted to seeing what's going on through your computer screen provides limited information, so I'd put little to no trust whatsoever into any online casino, no matter what reputation they have.

If there aren't casinos nearby, I'd say roadtrip!

I've heard from a thread on this site that 888 casino seems to be decent, but don't take my word on it. You're welcome to give it a shot, I personally just don't like not knowing if my money is being invested into a completely honest game. :vomit:


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sabre said: is decent
I have to disagree. They frequently advertise and actively promote casinos that are borderline.

I myself have been burned by one of the casinos they were promoting on a BJ bonus. The software was rigged and the casino has now closed down. Of course a lot of casinos they promote are fine but I would tread very carefully.

Unfortunately I think they are more solely motivated by affiliate commisions than not recommending a casino with potential problems.

I have found beatingbonuses dot com to be on the straight and narrow plus Aka( the guy who runs it) has a very good knowledge concerning the mathematics behind bonus hunting.