Reno- Should I stay at Atlantis or Grand Sierra?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by Xenophon, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Xenophon

    Xenophon Well-Known Member

    Both according to CBJN have 4 sd tables with ~60% pen and unfortunately D10. Looking to stay at Grand Sierra or Atlantis in early November for 5 days. I'll have a car and look to play at those two, Peppermill, Boomtown, Sienna, and anywhere else with playable single or double deck. Red chipper spreading from 1 or 2 off the top to 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, etc.. depending on the situation.

  2. Stay at none of them- your expectation of being backed off in a SD game is too high and you don't want to be troubled by being jerked out of your room or anything like that. If you have Harrah's status, get a comp room at Harrah's Reno and give them a little gentle play so you get invited back, or stay at the Econolodge on Wells Ave. or any suitable alternative.

    Single deck is an art in itself- it's so easy to get an advantage and the hard part is being allowed to play. One of the few opportunities where cover play is really important.
  3. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Yes. Try to get a comped room at Harrah's. I rarely ever pay for a room when I'm there. BTW the West Tower is better.

    Also, try to play at The Silver Legacy. But only stick with the 6D since they have DD on any number of cards and the heat at the 2D and SD is a lot.

    On Edit:

    Take a look at Boomtown though it's 10 miles outside of Reno. There DD seems ok.
  4. nc-tom

    nc-tom Well-Known Member

    AM is right don't stay where you play in Reno bad idea. Hotel rates are pretty cheap even if you have to pay for the room. Might try Sands or Circus Circus :whip: rates are low and the BJ is crap, you just have to have the stomach for them.
  5. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Does the Harrah's reno or Tahoe high limit room still have playable 1D? zg
  6. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    BTW I am going up to Reno next week and will give you a report.
  7. melbedewy

    melbedewy Well-Known Member

    Both nice properties. I prefer Atlantis.
  8. Xenophon

    Xenophon Well-Known Member

    Thanks.. I ended up deciding on Atlantis a couple weeks ago. I got 2 round trip plane tickets from socal for myself and my girlfriend, 4 nights in the deluxe tower, and a rental car for about $550.00.

    I'm sad that they are now D10.... So I plan on also playing at Sienna and Boomtown for the DOA games.

    Should be a fun trip!
  9. Xenophon

    Xenophon Well-Known Member

    How did your trip go? Anything interesting to report?
  10. joeblackjack

    joeblackjack Member

    I was in Reno not very long ago trying to hone my counting skills. There is exactly 1 playable table at Harrah's Reno, and it's not even that great. SD, D 10/11 only, H17. All the rest are horrible - restricted doubling on double deck (8-11 only, no DAS), and 6:5 SD, etc. They even had the balls to put out an 8 deck, H17, 6:5, no surrender game, which I believe is the single worst blackjack game I have ever seen anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly, for the few hours I was there, the game was almost always full (it was right across from the playable SD table, I could see it).

    If your top bet is $200 or less, you should hit up Western Village or Rail City during busy hours, and you'll be fine. The locals are all there playing for the Royal Match. There is little game supervision (especially at Rail City).

    Here is a list of all known DOA SD games in Reno:

    John Ascuaga's Nugget - (only on $25+ tables - $1,000 max), well supervised unless they are busy
    Western Village - table limits $3-$200 - busy with locals, supervision is below average
    Rail City - table limits $3-$200 - plop city, crowded games, little heat, even with $100+ action
    Sienna -$5 to $1000, but they are rarely busy so heat will be on
    Boomtown - $3 to $200 - again not very busy, but not well supervised either

    Enjoy. All the nicer places with high limits have gotten rid of SD DOA, even in their high limit areas. Stay at Atlantis (by far nicer and newer than Grand Sierra) and play at any of the above places.
  11. Xenophon

    Xenophon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a great report!!! I'll definitely be visiting Western Village and Rail City!! :grin:
  12. AussiePlayer

    AussiePlayer Well-Known Member

    I believe I have a contender for that 'crown!'

    6 deck, CSM dealt, 6:5, H17, D9-11, DAS, ENHC-OBBO, noRSA, no Surr. $15 min!!!

    Crown Casino in Melbourne, worst game in the world? :flame:

    ps. sorry for the thread hijack.
  13. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    No. the worst games would still be a few tribal games that collect an ante for the private bank. zg
  14. joeblackjack

    joeblackjack Member

    You, sir, have won. I had completely forgotten about those places.....most of them start at roughly a -5% EV before you even look at the game.

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