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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by Dyepaintball12, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Dyepaintball12

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    I am planning a trip (no gambling) to somewhere in the Caribbean and I hear Paradise Island is tight. Any recommendations on where to stay?

    Expedia shows that you can stay at Atlantis at all kinds of places... The Reef, Cove, Royal Towers, Coral Towers, etc...
  2. shadroch

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    If you want to go fairly cheap, The Comfort Suites, located directly across the street from Atlantis, a great way to go. The rooms are mini-suites, with a small kitchenette and you get the exact ground privledges as almost all the Atlantis guest. You just don't have access to the one private beach/pool area that only the most exclusive guests get to frolic in.
    Meals at Atlantis are freaking crazy. A simple breakfast will run you $35-$50. CS has a shuttle to a local food market where you can buy foodstuffs for about twice the price you are used to, but are still a fraction of the price of a meal.
  3. Wookets

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    Your best bet to cut back on food costs is to take a cab from the airport and tell the driver to stop at the grocery store on the way to the Comfort Suites because all of the local shops are owned by the Atlantis (and thus are all horrendously overpriced).
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    I like Tents. Do they have bedding ?
  6. ms069279

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    LOL! :laugh:

    That's one way to fit in and live like the locals. The level of poverty along w/ the vicinity to the extreme opposite -- endless luxurious mansions owned by famous Hollywood actors and entertainers still amazes me! :confused:
  7. QFIT

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    Quite. I've walked most of the island. Very quiet residential areas since most people only visit now and again. Walk over the old bridge, and locals are selling conch in tiny stands.
  8. tthree

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    Have a friend that grew up there. he managed to get the local cuisine basics to where I live. Island peppers, conch as well as some other hard to get in the US items. I am not sure how he got them in through customs. I was just happy to eat the fare. He is a chef and made a simply wicked ceviche among other things.

    I love to go camping. When I was younger I did it a lot to save money. Nowadays it is about the same as a hotel in resort areas. Pick the right time of year to minimize seasonal bothers and it can't be beat.

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