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It's been a year and a half, but I'm finally getting back to Vegas in a few weeks. Mostly for work stuff but also for some play. Any gems/promos/etc. I should look into?

I'm bracing myself for the proliferation of 6:5 games. I fear many of my old haunts aren't even worth stopping by any more, and it'll mostly be a huge waste of time trying to get much of a counting game in. I suspect WoV hasn't been updated in years. seems to be more recently updated. Is CBJN updated/accurate?

I'm ok with $25+ shoe games, it's my usual when there and I don't find anything special. I might backcount $50+ if it's viable.

[ Yes, I'm aware of the new scare about the delta variant and all. I'm vaccinated, fine with a mask on, and I'm not really intending to spend a lot of time in crowded clubs or anything. ]

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johndoe said:
Thanks, time to grab a copy then.
No it's not time!
It's updated on the first of the month, so you better wait 3-4 more days and get the latest update.

PS. What is that ridiculous thing to "wait 240 seconds before you can post" ? Is it really the best method to keep spammer away ... and piss off regular posters?