Right and Wrong

Hello all,

I just wanted to explain the differences between right and wrong.

When the dealer counts cards and uses preferential shuffling, THIS IS WRONG.
When the player counts cards and wongs in and out, THIS IS RIGHT.

When the dealer makes an error against the player, THIS IS WRONG.
When the dealer makes an error for the player, especially when the player

actively does something to provoke the error, THIS IS RIGHT.

When the dealer decides to limit betting variations, THIS IS WRONG.
When the player decides to use full range of bets, THIS IS RIGHT.

When the casinos share information about sharp players, THIS IS WRONG.
When sharp players get together and play in teams to increase their

advantages and deceive the casino, THIS IS RIGHT.

When the casino gives heat for a player who deserves special treatment, WRONG.
When the player deserving of special treatment demands that he/she is treated

just like each and every other 'square' in the joint, THIS IS RIGHT.

I think I understand the differences now.

Sarcastically yours,

P.S. Not trying to get banned, just my 2 cents from another perspective

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A few more...

Casinos give out free alcohol to weaken the will of the players: THIS IS RIGHT
Counters refuse alcohol so they can keep focused on their objective: THIS IS WRONG

Casinos do not have a rest area away from gambling, every chair has a machine/table associated with it: THIS IS RIGHT
Counters are rested when they play and not compulsive: THIS IS WRONG

Casinos decorate the ceiling and floor so that the natural eyemovement is towads the games: THIS IS RIGHT
Counters decorate their bodies so that they will not be recognized: THIS IS WRONG

This is FUN

Re: A few more...

Its 110 degrees outside in the shade, but inside the pit its so cold you
better get some alcohol in you if you dont want your teeth to chatter.
"Would you like me to make that a DOUBLE?"

The waitresses serving drinks are in thongs because they are comfortable and
because we know your wives and girlfriends like to see other pretty ladies serving and distracting you.

You cannot use credit to gamble, but the casino will be happy to process a
cash-advance on your credit card, and then of course, since you are holding
greenbacks, you are free to play, "Whats your game?"

You dont have to leave the action behind when you get hungry, the keno gals will be around soon, or "Can I get you a sandwich from the kitchen while you
continue playing?"

You can bang on the tables, be a loud mouth, and disrespect the dealers while your chips are in front of you. Best of all, when you have blown out, we will comp you a couple body guards to see you make it safely out the door.

Thanks for your patronage, please come back soon!

ok, I see your point. all is fair.