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Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by bosox164, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. bosox164

    bosox164 Member

    Hello everyone its good to be back. I thought I would start this thread to share info on the new Rivers Casino set to open tomorrow 2/8 in Schenectady, NY. Please share conditions, rules, comps, etc.
  2. bosox164

    bosox164 Member

    Quick first visit.

    Main gaming floor $15 Min, 8D, H17, DAS, Split to 3 hands, split Aces once/ hit once, late surrender. CSM's on some tables. 6D pen.

    Tables in bar area same as above except 6-5 payout on BJ, Almost 2% house edge.

    Hi limit area same as main floor except S17, $100 min.

    Overall not very player friendly.
  3. johndoe

    johndoe Well-Known Member

    Eesh, 6/8 pen is a killer.
  4. ThePointWhisperer

    ThePointWhisperer New Member

    Any updates now that they've been open a bit? I heard they have lucky ladies sidebet
  5. Hell'nBack

    Hell'nBack Well-Known Member

    When are players going to realize that Blackjack is toast as a money making proposition?

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