Room Comps at Four Queens

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by darco77, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Billy C1

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    I'm not sure you should be going to Vegas, if you needed an attorney to tell you that.:)

  2. Bites

    Also best to stay out of ANY hot tubs and pools.

    Good advice so far, I don't like staying in any hotel rooms, but I do:(

    Remember the TV remote is bad, bring a dissinfectant to clean that with, double sheet the beds and get rid of that blanket, do a search for bed bugs, check under drawers and seams of mattress. Hang your clothes up and put your bags on a stand with metal legs.

    Bring back DDT for inside use!!

    For you guys, like Billy C, that have a way with the ladies, get a room with the large shower with the double shower heads, and if you can the hand held shower wand, get your Woman in that shower, (pop a Viagara an hour before and do not eat for 3 hours before that), and you will have an experience you, and your Woman, will often look back on with a very large,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, smile:grin::gaga::1st:

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    Cp is right about DDT. That irradicated those pesky bed bugs. For many decades after it was no longer in use they still hadn't shown up. Now they have and we have nothing to stop them. We can deal with the problem on a small scale but not get rid of it. I have finally had to deal with them in some of the properties I manage in the late summer of this year. I knew it was inevitable. The solution is temporary and very expensive compared to other pest control measures. If you are looking to start a business this might be a good one. Be the bed bug buster.
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    Edit in italics :)

    I consulted with a good friend, who is also an attorney. Given the specifics of my case, a lawsuit would be a waste of time in any jurisdiction.​

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