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Mark Anthony Howe

Admin banned him. Do your research on Mark, for example (Dead link: He jumps between forums promoting his garbage and lying about competitors. There is barely a forum that Mark has not been banned from. I mean it, the guy is a complete nut. Many of us really think he is mentally ill.

I'm surprised as a long term forum member that you didnt know about him. He is very well known on other forums for the spam he posts. Nothing but him claiming stefano (his competitor) is a fraud and how his technology is top stuff. Like I said if you do your research you see he's actually being charged by the Uk Gaming Commission, the UK Office of Fair Trading and the National Weights and Measures Lab. Mark said the gaming commission and lab tested his computer and found it works which is a full on lie. Take it from me, his computer is worthless and the man is a fraud. Many others have his so-called computer.

Everyone that knows him thinks he's a fool. His technology is a farce. Just simple junk and he tries to tell everyone it's developed by NASA or something. Many of us have his computer. Ask over at the gamblers glen forum.

Again admin, beware he'll be back posting under fake names and using proxies. Thats what he does all over the place...
RJM said:
Admin banned him. Do your research on Mark, for example (Dead link: _www.roulettesystemreviews.com_. He jumps between forums promoting his garbage and lying about competitors. There is barely a forum that Mark has not been banned from. I mean it, the guy is a complete nut. Many of us really think he is mentally ill.
I'm checking it. zg
RJM said:
Admin banned him. Do your research on Mark, for example (Dead link: _www.roulettesystemreviews.com_. He jumps between forums promoting his garbage and lying about competitors.
RJM, WHO are you?

Howe was banned for repetitive/spammy posts. NOT because we don't beleive he has the best (albeit illegal) tech.

Can you provide a link to another tech supplier who's wares are as good or better? zg


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Mark Howe

I am a player of stefano ((Dead link: I have mark howe's computer also. I dont approve of Howe's self-promotion methods by lying about his competitors so I posted. Before I bought stefanos computer Mark kept saying how stefano was a fraud and his computer was junk. He went on and on and says I was wasting my money. He was flat out lying. Huge lies about stefano and his technology If you ask anyone that legitimately has both stefanos and marks computer, they'll tell you stefanos is light years ahead of mark's. It is not even a comparison. Ask anyone legit that knows, and they'll tell you Howe is full of crap. Ask many other forum admins also and they'll tell you he constantly lies about stefano under fake names.

Mark is a lying fraud that sells junk, making out to everyone that his technology is somewhat NASA developed, and like everyone else is selling junk. He uses borrowed technology and tries to pawn it off as his own, saying it is developed at his "research facilities". He means his back yard. Like his pen transmitters. He buys them from a covert operations web site and anyone can buy them. The parts are off the shelf and anyone can build them cheaply. Any roulette professional would tell you that you cant use anything in your hand if you use a computer. Even if its a casino supplied pen, the casino will look very closely at your hand to see where your fingers are. Any casino floor manager can tell you that. And his pens send out 5 electronic signals which are easily detected instead of only one burst which is required. He is using cheap technology that is not even his own.

I'm under a legal non disclosure agreement from stefano so I am not permitted to give further details of his tech except to say if you want far superior technology to beat roulette, you shouldnt be looking at Howe. The man is as dishonest as they come. He is a salesman, not a pro.
Thank you for this insight. Tell me, do you typically play solo or in partnership? And, how does this 4-generation state-of-art tech compare results wise to the results that pioneers like the Eudomonic Pie crew achieved? zg


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Ways to beat roulette!

The only way to beat roulette is to cheat and past post. They also have wheel clockers that can clock where the ball will land but you will need about 10 spins with the same dealer before it will be functionable. However carry a wheel clocker is a felony and you could get 10 years in jails.
What are biased roulette wheels what are they biased towards?
The easiest way to beat roulette is to have a roulette wheel of your own and have others play your game when you short their pay offs. The casino shorts your payoff so using what a normal casino pays off for different combinations works! For instance the odds of hitting a single number is 38 to 1 and the pay off is 35 to 1 hence the casino is shorting the pay off.
Do not buy a system for an unbeatable game like roulette. Sure you can go into a casino for an hour or so playing roulette and win some money but if you keep doing it you will lose.
roulette computers and their effectiveness

Hello to the blackjackinfo

I have seen the above comments on both sides, I have the following roulette computers that have been evaluated for the casino industry from around the world. I own probably one of the largest collections of roulette computers in the world, and as a evaluator of such products for the casino industry, I know more than most when it comes to ranking such systems. I travel the world extensively, have lives in the States for some time and Sweden, but now reside in Norway, my homeland. Although one of the richest countries in the world, it is also expensive here in Norway, food is at a premium, but our high wages and high standard of living supports the economy and tied with some of the most spectacular scenery you are ever to encounter makes this a special place that everyone should come and see.
Let us now take a look at roulette computer systems that will be at my new casino operative site shortly.

Stefano Hourmouzis computer(Australia) 2006
Stefano Genuinewinner paper system(Australia) 2007
Rotronics (Germany) 1999
Newton(Mark Reeds UK) 2001
Copernicus(US) 1994
Stealth(Sweden) 1998
Predictroulette Psion PDA(Mark Howe UK) 1996
Predictroulette mobile phone( Mark Howe UK) 2006
Predictroulette mobile phone Version2 ( Mark Howe UK) 2007
Mike Barnetts software on PDA (Mike Barnetts Survtech Australia) 2006
Miro(Foresters system) E2 (E6 currenty under investigation) (Australia) 2006

I am computer programmer and mathematican from Norway that specialises in Evaluation of roulette cheating devices, gaming theory for the the casino industry and hold a position at one of Norways leading universities. I also do evaluation for Casino operatives and companies to evaluate effectiveness of roulette computers and systems.

Let me set the records straight for anyone interested in such products.

First, lets deal with the paper systems above, just one, that of Stefano Hourmouzis, real name Steven Hourmouzis who was formerly imprisoned for internet fraud and deception only 7 years ago. is a scam and uses common established dealer signature skills by Stefano as exposed by Mark Howe in the UK. The gaming commission and the Police are currently looking into the scam in Australia FACT. Mark Howe exposes this scam at (Dead link: which can be seen and understood even by a novice and beginner that this is a scam. We will have evidence regarding this scam shortly at our site and the authorites involvement, but due to legalities, we are not at liberty to state any paper evidence.

Now, lets deal with a ranking system that we use at our site that is only allowed to be viewed by casino operatives. I have taken the review from our sites showing the effectiveness of each roulette device with a rating system from 1-10, 10 the highest. We measured the rating on ease of use, effectiveness and covertness. Rating shown in Blue.

Nøkroulettecomputer(Norway) 10 This has to be the best roulette computer on the market, built into a variety of mobile phones, this is the most effective and damaging roulette computer that can be taken into a casino. Speed and accuracy of use makes this a deadly adversary for the casino industry. This is reputed to be the same program that the Ritz team used in London to make 1.3 million in only two days which will be confirmed in due course. There is some fraudsters claiming to be the Ritz team and claiming to have used only visual Ballistics, but in fact a mobile phone was used and the way it was used would have been unknown to any knowledgable expert in the field. We now know how this was clearly done and a demonstration will be available at our site. VB is incorporated and is a part of the system. The Nøkroulettecomputer takes this a step further making this a stand alone roulette computer without you needing to know VB knowledge or skill.

Predictroulette mobile phone Version2 ( Mark Howe UK) 2007 8 This version was very good, easy to use and very fast in predictions, it will not predict if inaccurate timings are used. Howes hearing aids developed by himself are the smallest in the work and work well in the casinos, no one can compete with these hearing aids, which is a strong point when purchasing roulette computers. How also sells his hearing aids at another site where they can be viewed in closer detail.

Predictroulette mobile phone( Mark Howe UK) 2006 7
Not as good as version two, but still effective and simple to use with clear instructions.

Stealth(Sweden) 1998 6 Put together well, very professional and detailed instructions, but does appear to resemble Howes former psion program in its structure.

Predictroulette Psion PDA(Mark Howe UK) 1996 5 Effective, works on tilted and level wheels accurately, but too many features per spin, the device becomes a chore in the casinos with the amount of information you have to input.. Main problem with this device was lack of instructional aid, Howe expects everyone to be as intelligent as him and understand the basics of roulette computer use.

Mike Barnetts software on PDA (Mike Barnetts Survtech Australia) 2006 4 Tilted wheels only, but does work. Tested by the National Institute of Weight and measures for the gaming industry, but submitted by Mike Barnet himself in order to gain recognition as a gaming consultant expert.

Newton(Mark Reeds UK) 2001 4 simplistic mathematics and a shallow understanding of application within a casino enviroment. Many predictions call "Risk" and do not allow bettor to place bets due to inaccurate mathematics applied. One novel feature is a that of a tic Tac Toe game to disguise the real program, this was also copied along with the program to Stefano Hourmouzis Computer, its the near enough the same program.

Stefano Hourmouzis computer(Australia) 2006 4
Note# both the Newton and Hourmouzis computer are the same mathematical software. We show a partial view of the software at our site as well as the products. You should not expect former imprisoned criminals done for fraud and deception to be able to create their own software for beating roulette, they just steal someone elses and sell that, criminals do not have the time or the patience, they want a quick and fast return.

Stefano Genuinewinner paper system(Australia) 2007 Fraudulent Check

Miro( E2 system 3 This can work in certain situations, very fast execution of proram that uses machine code. We are currently investigating his new system E6 which currently is showing a ranking of 5, but need to do further tests.

Copernicus(US) 1994 2 Old tilted wheels only, this was the original program used by the the " Eudaemonic Pie" Team, but corrected due to software errors. The original program never worked that is depicted in the book.

Rotronics (Germany) 1999 1 Very poor, in fact possibly does not work at all, profit shown was within SD1 over 3000 spins. The company was purchased by businessman who thought it worked, the orginal creators disappeared with the complaints going to the new owner. Relayed output was to a vibrating input switch.

I hope this clears up some of the posters here claiming this and that about roulette computers. They all work, some to a lesser degree than others, some clearly just copies of others work. Some are more user friendly in the casinos having better accessories that are more covert, others use new ideas and concepts in Roulette prediction that has never come to light before.

We will be showing clear and concise footage of all roulette computers in testing, with screen shots of the software partially to prove we have all model of roulette computers listed and how the mathematics actually works.
No software will be available in its complete form on view to the public due to copyright infringement.

We maintain to offer a full evaluation service to the casino industry that is accurate and professional when evaluating roulette computer devices and are no way afilliated to any roulette system seller or developer. We do not condone the use of such devices that are illegal in some states of the US and Austria in Europe. We strongly advise that anyone seeking to purchase such a device should ALWAYS view the products in person and try them yourselves. Never ever take video footage as Evidence, as can be quite clearly seen at (Dead link:, footage can be influenced by a dealer. Always make sure the dealer spins the ball without looking at the wheel, or spin the ball yourself in the demonstration. Never take people up offering guarantees with their systems, these are fickle and once the seller has your money, you will NOT be able to obtain a refund should the system turn out ot be ineffective . REMEMBER the golden rule with the internet, especially with roulette systems, people offering Guarantees want internet sales, not personal demonstrations sales where you can evaluate and try the products yourself first. , because their products are clearly ineffective. Only EVER BUY from someone that will clearly allow you to try the products first yourself

Please also remember that using a roulette computer device requires certain input from yourself, accurate timing, patience and wheel evaualtion skills. This is also why I personally advise people trying the products themselves so they know they can clearly use the product before purchasing. You may have poor reflex reactions, bad eyesight, poor understanding of evaluating roulette wheels in the casinos.

Please also remember that using a roulette computer devicerequires certain input fromyourself, accurate timing, patience and wheel evaualtion skills. This is also why I personally advise people trying the products themselves so they know they can clearly use the product before purchasing. You may have poor reflex reactions, bad eyesight, poor understanding of evaluating roulette wheels in the casinos.

Prof: Ronny Johansen
[email protected]
about time there was a genuine roulette ranking page

Hello to everyone on the board

I nearly got banned from the forum also for repeat posting, very simple to do by accident if you have a sensitive touch pad.

I have three of the roulette devices above, and although they work to some degree, I would like to know how you arrived at the ratings and what was the percentage of wins with each system.

I made some money with the Stealth computer, this was very simple to use and the casinos could not tell what you was doing. I was banned for playing at the same casinos and had the Stealth confiscated from me, this is my computer that you have no doubt.

The rotronics computer was rubbish, to many faults and using vibrating for obtaining the information was poor. Using vibration is the worse sort of relay, you need to hear the predictive numbers in your ear to be sure as to where to place your hard earned cash. Still have it if you wish to purchase it.

Its fun to use roulette computers for beating roulette, but not easy, you have to move around to different casinos, if not, you will be caught like I was.

The other device I have now, after losing my Stealth , is the Lexikon. This is very much like the Stealth to use.

My friend has shown me the genuinewinner system which is simplistic junk, the patterns that he provides that are custom, they are simply the most frequent patterns that appear. My friend could guess the patterns that Stefano would supply before he supplied them, the patterns exist mathematically and cannot be used to predict roulette. I have just passed on this link at (Dead link: to him showing how stefano has faked the video, this I hope will help my friend get a refund, he has been refused so far, told to play over thousands of spins first?

We have spoken to someone in Europe with the phone from, they have had massive problems with it, again everyone knows it is copied from someone else work. Roulette prediction expert Basieux has just written a new book, stefanos systems called the emperors clothes, because they are jumped up simplistic junk that he has copied from others.

I would like to try Foresters system some time when he releases his new device and also Mark Howe's mobile phones. We know some people doing well with Howe's device in Europe which are alot less expensive than some of the other sellers. Some people say if it works, why change it, well for me, making money this way is exciting and I like buying other devices to try, maybe one day I will also set up a ranking page.

Mr Li from Sweden who I talked to extensively about the Newton claimed it called Risk to many times also and was not that good at predicting. Above, you claim that this is also Stefano's roulette computer, can you be sure of this, the Newton has a Tic Tac Toe game in the beginning, called Bio-rythm I recall from a screen shot of the PDA that Li sent me. I would like you to clarify this for me please.

I was going to buy one of stefano's roulette computers until my friend had such a bad time with using his paper system and not getting a refund. After seeing this footage at (Dead link: I would avoid this criminal like the plague.

I was only doing a search on the Stealth, I have sent a few emails over the last few days with no response,maybe on holiday glad I found this page.

Anyone else know of any other roulette computer devices that work?

Also, can anyone give me details of percentages won using foresters new device?



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Norweigan is Mark Howe posting under a fake name

Norweigan is Mark Howe posting under a fake name. There is no Professor Johansen!

See (Dead link: I told you he'd come back posting under a fake name.

Professor R. Johansen Roulette Computers:


This is one of Mark Anthony Howe's web sites under fake names (a UK scammer explained on main RSR page). The fake names are to escape very poor feedback, and being exposed as a fraud. Mark's latest fake name is Professor R Johansen. He claims to be from Sweden, so it's peculiar that the prices on the site are all in British Pounds, which will of course change when Mark realises his own stupidity. It's also no surprise that the address and phone number given is fake. Mark is no stranger to fake names or blatant lies. His last big lie was that the UK Gaming Commission tested and endorsed his product. Here's what they had to say about it:

"Mark Howe has been brought to the attention of the Gambling Commission on a previous occasion and we would advise you not to purchase this product. The commission has received previous complaints regarding this individual and these have been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. - Thomas Allmark, Licensing Administrator, Gambling Commission, Ph: 0121 230 6666"

If you're familiar with Mark's antics, you'd know he was banned from the Gamblers Glen forum for impersonating the clients of his competitor (Stefano Hourmouzis). Although Mark was banned, he still frequently pretends to be players of this competitor under other names as a means to compete. Also now Mark has created his own forum also called "Gamblers Glen", but under a different web address. He links to it on his new site. He is actually trying to convince people his new forum is the real Gamblers Glen forum? There just appears to be no limit to his stupidity or deception.

VERDICT: Mark Howe (alias Prof R Johansen) is one scammer that's definitely going to jail. You cannot believe a word this man has to say. Many people believe he's literally a mentally ill pathological liar. This scammer has so many fake names, especially on forums, he is somewhat a community joke on many forums.


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And I'll bet you "roulettecheating" is also Mark Howe lol

Mark, you are going to jail.

Lying and saying the gaming board endorsed your computer?

This says it all about Mark:

"Mark Howe has been brought to the attention of the Gambling Commission on a previous occasion and we would advise you not to purchase this product. The commission has received previous complaints regarding this individual and these have been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. - Thomas Allmark, Licensing Administrator, Gambling Commission, Ph: 0121 230 6666"

This and giving himself fake positive reviews on forums and lying about competitors is barely the tip of the iceberg. Have a good read of (Dead link: honestly the man is as crooked as they come.

Mark, you need help. You are so desperate to lie about Stefano and posting garbage is how you try to compete. The people on this board and the adminstrators should be aware of this fraud and expecially how he tries to fool people under fake names.
RJM You are in fact Stefano hourmouriz.

You also own which was set up by yourself to promote your own goods, check out the Lawyer David Steinberg who's site shows proof that Stefano owns this site with whois. He is now getting desperate, claiming that Mark Howe is under investigation, when the the truth is, Howe shows all the HARD evidence that Stefano is in Fact the one under investigation for Tax Evasion, Scamming people and selling worthless gamlbing products, all evidence, including Shipping documents, export documents, and reports by purchasers of his worthless sytems at

The majority of Mark Howe's customers come to visit him in person, only 6 have purchased from him without viewing in the last 6 years, its says so at his site. So, how can howe be going to prison, people purchase after viewing and trying his products in person. If this was not the case Stefano, why would he insist seeing people if they are interested in purcahsing from him.

Norwegian proved they was Norwegian By their IP, I emailed Him and spoke to him on the phone and so did many other guys on other forums, the guy has a Norwegian Phone number and accent and seems to know his stuff but his english is poor, his Swedish is better. I was also given access to his new site showing your device and how it does not work. He even spoke to Kelly at (Dead link: in Swedish and norwegian.

You also claim in an earlier thread that you have Stefano's computer and it works fine.

What I would like to aks you Stefano( RJM), is why have you NOT DEClARED your export values of goods and avoid paying export TAX if you are legitimate, this is an imprisonable offense in Australia, its on your shipment that Mark Howe has at This was supplied by Stefano himself and signed by Stefano. There is also proof that the system that Stefano sells does not work, that there is alot of lies listed on your site Stefano about your products and how good they work, when the FACT IS THIS GUY WANTS HIS MONEY BACK and you are struggling to get the payment od a few thousand dollars together yet claim to be a millionaire.

You are going to have a big bill to pay when the Police come to your home to see your records and you have not paid any shipping TAX whatsoever to the value what it should be.

Please Tell us Stefano why one of your customers, who has had your device 8 months is wanting a refund back and you keep fobbing him off with excuses?

Why has he not made any money with it yet in 8 months?

Why have you lied about your products on the internet?

Why do you use Dealer Signature in your paper system also shown and demonstrated at We can show a much simpler method of beating the wheel in your footage and show a greater edge than you by just noting the number under the opposite black diamond. In fact, this is the same methos you are using, but pretend trhat its some magical pattern, so that people pay you money for a worthless system!

You can give links of authorites Stefano claiming this and that about Mark Howe, he has already undertaken investigations because of your pointless emails to them, all saved in a case against yourself, but the fact is Mark Howe is legitimate, you have a past criminal past, current criminal future, decieve people, lie, fake footage, steal taxes and revenue from your own country by not declaring the correct value of goods that you ship.

Mark Howe Exposes you every time as a fraudster and Criminal that Steals, lies and cheats people, even your own countries taxes!

It is sad that you pretend HOWE is in trouble in some way, but never supply hard EVIDENCE LIKE HOWE does about you and your pathetic products.

We all know, its you that is going to Jail, not Mark Howe, all he does his reveal that a scammer like yourself is at large out to scam people, I think its admirable that someone does this totally free of their own back and protects the public from the likes of people like you.

Explain Tony From France and just one of the emails from one of your customers at (Dead link:, explain your avoidence at paying taxes, your lies and deceit, then maybe you can come back here with your tail between your legs and admit you are just a scammer.

You are toast Stefano, thats for sure.

All i am glad is that blackjackinfo allows the posts and links here to warn others about your scams and how you create fraudulent footage, lie and cheat to your customers and that your products do not work at all.

You have some serious explaining to do in your defence, everyone knows Howe is genuine and you are a scammer, its the talk on every foreign message board.

Even Pierre Basieux, who has wrote several books on roulette prediction titles a chapter in his book " Stefano, the Emperor's Clothes" meaning its just a load of rubbish dressed up, totally invisble system that does not work.

You are toast Stefano :flame: :whip: :devil:

This post is taken from the internet with prior permisison form Mark Howe himself who can be emailed at [email protected] for confirmation.

My Apologies to the board for this thread, but it is good that the public know first hand who is scamming people out of large amounts of money.
OK guys, break it up!

Now, my question is: If I was to use the best tech available, where would be the safest venue (country/city) to use it in?
("Not Vegas", for example). zg


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zengrifter said:
OK guys, break it up!

Now, my question is: If I was to use the best tech available, where would be the safest venue (country/city) to use it in?
("Not Vegas", for example). zg
Weren't they making it legal to use computers in some country at some point? I remember you made a post about that...
Legalties of roulette computers

Firstly, the device must acutally work to be deemed illegal, or be proven to work!

Stefano Hourmouzis of and suppied both systems on a mobile phone to one customer.

Tony from France, tried to make both systems work, but after seeing how he fraudulently rigged his evidencial footage that makes his magical patterns and roulette computer appear like they work, he decided it was time to confront Stefano regards his pathetic systems and ask for that 200% refund that Stefano promises people if his systems do not work.

Stefano claims to give 200 % refunds back, but in reality, refuses point blank to give refunds back on both systems.

Tony watched how roulette computer expert Mark Anthony Howe of exposed Stefano Hourmouzis scam using a common known physical manipulation called dealer signature, its so obvious, that Howe shows how you can make a massive profit yourself following a much more simplistic method that Stefano outlines and fails to mention thinking no one would notice. Try it yourself at (Dead link:

Howe is genuine and sells genuine roulette computer systems, Stefano is clearly a conman and scammer.

Several authorites are now looking into Stefanos illegal operations

Read proof of purchase of Stefanos systems with payment slip, shipping docket, email of complaint to Stefano from Tony in France.

Read Stefanos former imprisonment for internet Fraud and deception and lies at (Dead link:

The authorities are now looking into his fraudulent attempts to send complaints to the authorites in the UK regards Mark Howes products, all from Stefano himself. Where Stefano messed up is fact that most of Howes customers visit him in person, he does not ship out roulette computers, only in extreme circumstances when people cannot make it. In Europe, itys totally free of import tax

Stefano has contravened several Laws in his own country and well as stupidly providing evidence of his scam filming himself, how stupid in this criminal!


Taken From David Mellows website with prior permission
Computer Review Site finished, now you can check which systems work and which Fail!


This is Prof R Johansen and I have evaluated Roulette computers further taking into account ease of use, edge gained, flexibility of system , many different factors and have one of the largest collections in the world. You can now view the reviews on different products and I hope you find the collection interesting.


Prof R Johansen
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