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Discussion in 'Western USA' started by WABJ11, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Anyone currently have a survey of BJ for Seattle area casinos?

    I know Goldies has a DD game, Club Hollywood, Roxy's and Magic Lanes. Am I missing any other good games in the Seattle area?

    Let me know via PM.

  2. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

    read current blackjack news.
  3. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Cant get my hands on it. Besides the best information comes from people who have actually been and played at the casino's games.
  4. handymn

    handymn Member

    CBJN Seattle

    Reporting on CBJN in Seattle assuredly comes from those who have been in the casinos and played the games.
  5. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Have an extra copy?
  6. handymn

    handymn Member

    Not ethical for anyone to give you a free copy. There's a lot of work that goes into putting that report together each month. They are one of the good guys so you should support them by paying $13 to get a copy like everyone else does (including me). You'll make it up with a couple of match plays.
  7. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

    It's a bargain,for sure.:joker:Go to to subscribe or order a single copy.
  8. Blue Efficacy

    Blue Efficacy Well-Known Member

    CBJN is a joke in my experience.

    Why not just help the poor guy out instead of advising him to waste money?
  9. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

    I've always gotten a tremendous amount of valuable information from copies I purchased. Also,it's not a big expenditure-do you think? I mean really!:joker:
  10. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Thats a few bets I'm sure.
  11. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

  12. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Obviously I meant that as a sarcastic comment. But seriously I thought this forum was for card counters to come together and communicate, not advertise for some publication.
  13. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

    it's not advertising, it's good advice.:joker:
  14. Good guys?


    The work is done by suck-ups in the field that get paid almost nothing to ruin games and Mr. Wong, the dice controller, makes all the profit.

  15. Diver

    Diver Well-Known Member

    and perhaps a little hoarding?

    I'm interested in seeing if the very beneficial changes in a LV game are reported in the newest release. Previously, it took several months before a change I reported (about a no longer exisiting game) were published. Still, I find the publication useful as a starting point in some areas, although it's clearly out of date in your neck of the woods.
  16. Mimosine

    Mimosine Well-Known Member

    I buy CBJN about once every 8 months. It's worth the $13. I use it to scope house edge then do my own legwork for PEN. Very few people who do their own leg work on the best games are just going to share it with strangers. However, if you do some of your own, then you have something to trade via PM.

    5 months ago I went to seattle. CBJN was invaluable for that trip. PEN is never accurate, but all the conditions listed were otherwise correct. That eliminated about 1/2 of the casinos in the area and allowed me to play some good games in the limited amount of time i had there. If you have an email address and a credit card you can have a copy of CBJN in about 30 minutes.
  17. sevencard2003

    sevencard2003 Well-Known Member

    am thinking of moving to seattle, and of course my roll isnt much over $3000 and will mostly be needed for low stakes poker games.

    but where can i find a good shoe game (i hate single and double decks--with the 6-5 payouts everywhere-and the dealer always shuffling on u if u raise the bet) in a shoe they dont shuffle til they hit the shuffle point--no matter how much u bet--and often its over 75% of the way down. most 1-2 decks are shuffled around 50% or when the bet is raised.

    i want a shoe game with the cut card put way down--and a minimum bet of $1 $2 or $3 instead of $5 for those of us on a small bankroll and thrilled to win $50 or so a day slowly grinding it up. any suggestions as to casinos to visit? also i enjoy cardrooms more than casinos.
  18. Diver

    Diver Well-Known Member

    You'll find a good number of card rooms from Tacoma to Everett with the conditions and stakes you like for 6D shoes. The area casinos generally have marginal to poor 6D games. A single issue of CBJN will help you zero in on locales.
  19. NightStalker

    NightStalker Well-Known Member


    is a waste of money(in my opinion).. It not only hides the great game, but misguide buyers by faking the great games as not playable.. I am aware of many juicy games which are intentionally reported as unplayable in cbjn for months till they are burnt. After all information is provided/printed by APs who never willing to share their business. I totally agree that cbjn is too cheap to afford, and is maintained/published by respectable guys. But the information is mostly stale and disguised.. I'll better search casino names and rely on some trusted information from friends or self-check.

    For every question, there is an answer AND there is an advertisement. Poster mostly appreciate the answer :)
  20. EmeraldCityBJ

    EmeraldCityBJ Well-Known Member

    As a CBJN reporter for the Seattle area, I offer the following:
    • The information reported is accurate as of the time of my last visit.
    • If I find a juicy promo or a game that is too good to be true, I will play it myself rather than report it in a way which will bring in a bunch of high stakes out of town APs who are going to quickly burn the game out. Likewise, I don't expect anyone in other regions to tell me about their best games in a broad publication. I can and do share this sort of information privately.
    • The biggest benefit of CBJN is to give you a comparison of the various casinos in an area. The rules and house edges are usually accurate. The table limits offered give you some idea of what sort of action the casino expects. Penetration may not be accurate, but if Casino A is reported as cutting 1.5 decks and Casino B is reported as cutting 2.0 decks, in the vast majority of cases, the penetration will be better at Casino A even if the exact numbers reported are wrong. When travelling to an area, CBJN is a great tool to help you determine where to prioritize your time.

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