Selective casino conditions update needed

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by FLASH1296, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    Casino conditions needed:

    If you have any "sensitive" info P.M. me.

    Otherwise feel free to post your reply here.

    I need intel' on:

    • Stratosphere
    • "M"
    • Aliante Station
    • Encore
  2. Zerg

    Zerg Active Member

    I have a little info. I went to Stratosphere a few trips ago, mid summer. Played some double deck. Pen was great! I only lasted about 15 minutes before the pit was on the phone. It was day shift. I had spread from $25 to $450 when the phone call was placed.

    Encore? More like En - poor penetration! That is my joke. It is a slight exaggeration but Encore and Wynn games are decent at best.

    This info is for main floor. I have no HL room experience.

  3. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    You had the audacity to bet $25 to $450 ? W.T.F. ?
    Did you think that you were playing a shoe game ?
  4. bj21abc

    bj21abc Well-Known Member

    I was there a couple of months ago - just before swing shift played for about 15 mins on one of the two empty DD tables.

    Came back after the show, DD table limits had increased to $50 min. DD tables still empty.

    I saw pen of about 1.2 dealt.


  5. Zerg

    Zerg Active Member

  6. FnTourist

    FnTourist New Member

    Conditions update

    Stratosphere - some games worth playing can be found there. Heat comes from pit. You can play some but don't plan on camping out.

    Aliante Station - Intense heat for bet jump in red chips. Don't waste your time driving there.

    Encore - Last time I was there pen was unacceptable.
  7. SierraSummers

    SierraSummers Member

    Based on my observations from 5 months ago

    Strat is exclusively 6-5 (not sure about HL room- which always appears closed) which makes shoe a no go. Pen on SD is sufficient to be profitable with side count and strong index play. Pen is generally better in the party pit. I have insufficient posts to PM but if you PM your email ad I can send on sensitive information re dealers and PC as this is where I spend a lot of playing hours. Heat is low in my experience (green to light black).

    Encore - pen is too poor on all shoe games. Have not observed any pitch games there.
  8. peaegg

    peaegg Well-Known Member


    Encore, lucky if you find one DD game in off hours. As many said, poor pen, both shoe and DD games. I will try Wynn DD with $50 min in off hour, same h17 rule but better pen.
  9. ace_332

    ace_332 Member

    Try the m resort. They have some of the best pen Ive seen in vegas at DD. They are big on pulling high rollers now and have been pretty tolerant on big action
  10. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    I don't bother playing DD anymore at Wyncore. There are better games out there. I might play some shoe games just to get some play in.
  11. FrankieT

    FrankieT Well-Known Member

    Where do you grow your balls!!!!???? (hahahaaaa nice one)

    You really want to make a pit critter **** his pants, bet $5 to $350 on two hands.
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  12. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member


    You said … "If a place will tolerate the 2nd they will tolerate the 1st IMO."

    That is patently preposterous !
  13. Albee

    Albee Well-Known Member

    The single deck at the Strat is 6:5.....others are 3:2. The DD game as others have said is on watch if betting large. The bikini pit dealers in the back are always fun to gawk at and play 5 bucks a hand for a few drinks. They make a lot of mistakes, paying on pushes, not taking your money when they should etc.

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