SF21 Fun-14 KO vs. regular KO comparison

I noticed that the KO counts of the FUN-14 best plays for SuperFun21 are quite different from the regular KO single or double deck counts...

I was wondering if anyone had analyzed the difference in expectation (let's say 5:1 bet spreads) when using the "Fun-14 KO plays" vs. using the regular KO single or double deck KO counts in SF21.
NO analysis is needed to detirmine that the 1-5 spread at SF21 will yield 1% LESS than a 1-5 std1DBJ. SF21 need a heafty 1-10 spread and reasonable pene. A year or more ago when the game first surfaced, it was not liked by the public and the bosses didn't watch it either - I would routinely jump from $10-$200+ - now they are alert, they bar, and the game itself is more popular. zg