Short Trip to Reno, first time

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by gothic, Aug 10, 2011.

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    So I'm going to California to see my friend, who lives about 3 hours from Vegas (he says), but other than the El Cortez downtown, I want to skip Vegas and get a cheap room for two nights at the Circus Circus in Reno. My plan was to play at El Dorado and/or Silver Legacy because I heard they provided decent conditions. How much would I be looking at for the food/rooms? I'm considering playing rated for various comps since it's so short-term and maybe can save a couple bucks. Any advice for a first time in Reno? Thank ya much.
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    That bad, huh? Roaches? What?
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    Yeah, the kind that walk on two legs.

    To be perfectly fair, their games are on the better side of mediocre, but I'd still never set foot in that demented parody of a casino again.
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    See the other Reno thread for comments.
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    Ahhh, yes

    I really should have read the other post first; my fault on the copy-topic thread :grin:. Thanks for providing your experience!


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