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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by r3animation, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. r3animation

    r3animation New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm just learning more techniques (after basic strategy) to help myself with bj after being smashed around in vegas for the last few years.

    So what I'm wondering is that since MBS and RWS all use CSM machines (I'm guessing here, please correct if I'm wrong) are there any "normal" shoe games available around the area? (eg. Star Virgo?)
  2. Mr. T

    Mr. T Well-Known Member

    The answer is No. The shoe game is unique to the US. Just about everbody else in the world uses the CSM.
    What you don't count in Vegas and you are now looking for shoe game here to start counting?
    Go on the Virgo and get a player's card. The Comps is really worth it. Check out my previous postings here for more info on Singapore.
  3. r3animation

    r3animation New Member

    I never really cared when I played in Vegas and it was more a fun thing then anything else. I always used basic strategy but now I'm bored and I want to "improve" myself plus I have a lot of free time now and I want to learn something new.

    From reading all the other posts, I guess I got to head to Korea and look for shoe games which isn't so bad I guess compared to flying to Vegas (20+ hrs).

    Last time I was on Virgo was about 4 years ago and I didn't really enjoy myself then. It was so crowded not just in the casino but just getting food at the buffet was a chore and a fight. No doubt, I probably went at the wrong time as there were nothing but tour groups from India and China.
  4. Mr. T

    Mr. T Well-Known Member

    Yes, you must have that one bad experience on the Virgo.
    I am on the ship every alternate week. In fact I am leaving for the Virgo in a couple of hours.
    What go to Korea just to count cards.You must be one dedicated counter now.

    P.S. By the way the HA at MBS is only 0.16% if I remember correctly.
  5. r3animation

    r3animation New Member

    I was going to Korea next year anyway with the wife to see new things. Haven't been there for 15 years and she hasn't been there.

    I'm not dedicated. I just like to learn new things. :)

    I've never done well at Sands for some reason even with BS. I did okay when there was a $10/$15 BJ table on the first floor but I haven't seen it since that day. Whenever I try the $25 BJ on the 2nd floor I always get wiped clean fast. So at Sands I usually just play Singapore Stud.

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