Soboba conditions


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Soboba casino in San Jacinto, CA ran a promotion this Monday, paying 2:1 on blackjacks up to $50 for five hours in the afternoon.

While there, a friend of mine reports the following conditions:

15 blackjack tables:
11 6-decks, S17, DA2, DAS, LS, 70% penetration.
4 2-decks dealt face-down from shoe, S17, D10, 75% penetration.

I can't recall whether the 2-decks allowed DAS or not, but they were definitely double 10 & 11 only.

The highest limit at blackjack is $500.
new single deck game at Soboba & field report

Just got back from another mission to Soboba Indian Casino, and they've now added a single deck game. Shitty rules though. Unlike the rest of the 2 & 6 deck games, they Hit Soft 17 in the single deck, and only allow Doubling on 10 & 11, no DAS, no Surrender. They do pay 3:2 on the BJ though, which is the first time I've seen this on a single deck game. Still, according to Ken's calculator, the house has an edge of .43%. They also reshuffle after every hand.

Theirs and Augustine's 6-deck games are still the best deal in Southern California though, as far as I can tell. S17, DAS, DA2, LS, house edge: .36%.

And as far as anyone knew, Dec. 26 was the last day of their Double Monday 2:1 BJ promotion. They don't yet know what promotions they'll be running in the new year.

Normally they have pretty good penetration on their 6-deck shoe. After I enjoyed an incredible run on a couple of shoes (hovering in the $1,000 profit range), they started cutting the shoe in half, then cut it down to one deck! Amazingly, despite them pulling that stunt, I still pulled 6 Blackjacks in a row! Ha! I was tempted to give the security camera above me a wink and blow it a kiss.

And ending my streak of wins, I crashed and burned, losing the 1000 profit and descending into the minus 200 dollar territory, where I hovered for a few hours, then recovered, was up 800, then crashed and burned again, this time leaving the casino with a loss of 330. I'm still up over 2000 at this casino, so no need to complain.