South Korea AP drinking club?

Anyone in South Korea want to PM me with a view to starting a social club?

My buddy is the owner of an Expat website here (not Dave's) and so could probably organise a super discrete online meeting place for Expat/Korean APs. I'm thinking a private sub forum that is members only, personal invite and not viewable by non members.

Anyway, if you'd like a beer with a guy still struggling with REKO, drop me a line ^^

As an inducement, I've got 3 well filled humidors (no Cubans) to help out with a cigar night.

Take it easy,

Suwon Fish
If you're interested go to...

Sign up (it's free) then PM Suwon Fish to join the sub forum "Players lounge".

It's posts are visible only to members vetted by me.

Membership gets you one (1) free beer at Craftworks and one (1) Nicaraguan puro.
Glad you made it. Truth is there's been no flood of takers for the free beer and stogie, but I've got one for you if you fancy it. is a great site anyway, I think you'll like it.

You need to post a few times before you can PM, 3 I think...

Have a great weekend!