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LC Larry

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KJ, my post wasn't necessarily pointed toward you. Just counters in general. But this isn't the first time you have accused a casino of possible nefarious actions. Personally, I think you are completely overestimating your advantage. You of all people should know that card counting is a TINY advantage with high variance. Very bad runs like you just experienced WILL happen. If someone tells you they won't, they're lying!!

beating vegas

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KewlJ said:
Well yes, I did just leave SP where I watched them open 3 double deck tables. They did spread the cards as normal.

I never said they were cheating so I don't think I have to apologize or admit I was wrong. I simply said that I found my results unusual. I am playing higher stakes of late and maybe I haven't adjusted to the higher swings (variance) that can occur with such stakes.

I am still taking a break from SP. As I always say the beauty of Las Vegas is quantity which means if a player is uncomfortable with any game, for any reason, there are other places to fish.

Thanks to those that shared their experiences and thoughts both publicly and privately.
Just variance. No need to ever apologize to a casino.