Southern California Rule Survey


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What I would like to do is to collect rule surveys of the lowest House Edge games in the Southern California Area. This would mean San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Maybe even Arizona.

Wizard of Odds has a rule survey for San Diego, but it hasnt been upated since 2009 and it does not include many of the Palm Springs area casinos.

If you play in the area, please post what kind of rules and table limits you've seen at your local stores. 8 deck, Pen 50% need not apply! :p

I know that there are older threads that list individual casinos -but to be honest, I am not sure what the casino names are, and therefore i don't know how to search for them other than just clicking through 5 years of archived posts. Plus, the rules may not even be the same anymore. Having one central thread with rules should be the most useful way to share this information.
Dated info

For the most part, the Wizard's survey of the San Diego area is still valid. I used to play the Palm Springs area heavy (mostly Spa and Aqua) but haven't been in awhile. Did hear Aqua (and probably Spa, same tribe) changed to H17 from S17 except in HL room. Fantasy Springs games pretty much sucked, Casino 21 had OK DD games. Won't walk in Morongo unless they signed over the Deed to me, then just may send Wife to sell it. Palm Springs area is really hurting so playing off times may be most advantageous, at least comp-wise.

Just one more hand Honey.

P.S. try this site for more info,
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You know, Fantasy Springs isn't all that bad. Their 6D game is still S17 and twice this last time I was there I got the dealer to cut one deck instead of their usual 2. All I did was ask. Their DD is not good.

It sucks that Agua Caliente switched to H17. Morongo is a pit.


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NightStalker said:
then scout yourself and then post back-how complete CBJN is?
It seems to be quite up-to-date for places like Vegas. Seems other places may be ignored. For example: I just saw the current issue of CBJN. It still lists Agua Caliente as S17. I even emailed them to let them know it had changed but it still isn't updated.