Spokane Tribe Casino opening January 8th

According to my local news they should have 12 table games at opening, of those I'm sure at least half will be blackjack or possibly Spanish 21. The main competitor Northern Quest Casino open since the early 2000's a few miles down the road offers six deck blackjack and Spanish 21. I'm hoping the new casino will offer double deck or something interesting to appeal to Northern Quests current customers but I highly doubt it. I normally play pitch games but I'm making plans to check it out and will report details after the opening.
Went to visit Spokane Tribe Casino last night and was pretty unimpressed. The place seemed rushed to open it was quite small as was expected but only had one window for cashier and for the players club with lines stretching across the building. I didn't play any blackjack as I didn't want to wait in line for 45 minutes to cash chips but I made the following observations. Three six deck tables minimums $5, $10,25 to $500 table max H17 standard rules around here doa,split 4 times. A six deck Spanish 21 table standard rules with the rest i seen composed of one craps tub, one roulette wheel and a three card poker table. Players club matches tier from area casinos and offers up to $2000 free slot play on a kiosk game. I got $10 and $25 for tier matching. I was impressed with the Hvac system it was quiet clean and fresh inside but could just be because the smoke hasn't had a chance to take hold in a new building. Drinks were a dollar or so more at the bar than at other places around here it seems. I might come back for new years or something but I prefer traveling to Nevada and shop around for good rules, low stakes and table hop around in Reno.