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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by eandre, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Saint Kitts Royal Beach Casino...Largest casino in the Caribbean,nearly 40,000square ft. Things (blackjack) have tighented up a bit at the tables...maybe because of the tournament players? By tightened I mean smaller spreads. Low stakes $10-15 with max $300. Mid stakes $25 to max $500. High stakes $100 to max $2000. They even have 2 other low stakes tables with continuous shufflers. Most tables use 2 different 6 deck shoes with random shufflers and they cut off anywhere from 40 cards to 140 cards depending on the dealers mood. Even with random shufflers they break up the ending slug into 3-4 and load return tray after they bury the last 20 -30 cards dealt...really protecting their shuffle. Yet at the mid stakes tables(2) they use a single 6 deck shoe and hand shuffle...made my scores there. Although I'm only speculating I would suggest that players who visit St. Kitts for the tournament use more finess before this casino joins the blackjack wastelands of caribbean joints. Paradise without beatable blackjack is not paradise.
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    st kitts

    have rules changed since your post
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    No changes, still the only Carribbean casino with beatable rules and willing to let you press big money.

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