Strategy for someone who can remember every card.

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    Hi, new poster here.

    I have been working on remembering the quantities of each card value left in 6 deck shoe. I can tell at any point how many Aces, 2's, 3's, etc... are left in the shoe. I'm getting to the point where I think I'm about fast enough, and it's becoming automatic enough that I can start working on strategy.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any resources to help me exploit this ability.

    I'm good at simple calculations in my head. For example, I can tell the percentage of cards that will bust my hand.

    My math education never went further than simple high-school algebra. I'm hoping that there is something published on the subject.

    I'm hoping to develop a strategy that's good enough that I can flat bet and win. Where do I start?
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  3. Sucker

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    While this is commendable, it's barely a start. You will have to be able to correlate this with the percentage of times that DEALER will bust, given the current deck composition. You also have to determine your equity for each time you DON'T bust. In other words, even if you MAKE a hand, how often will it win anyway?

    Given that there are billions of combinations that can come up; I don't see how you could develop just ONE strategy - you would have to memorize all umpteen billion strategies.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but I would guess that the standard card counting systems of today are the strongest known way to do this sort of thing. If you or someone else can come up with something better; you'll certainly be able to sell a lot of books! :)
  4. fwb

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    Even a theoretical "perfect" counting strategy would offer minimal gains over level 2 systems. I think your acute memory abilities would be put to MUCH better use with elaborate ace sequencing / key carding.
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    OP, if you are for real, you should find your way onto a high-level blackjack team immediately. They'll be able to find good uses for you. You could do some real damage in games other than blackjack, too.
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    Use a sequencer, with a optimal strategy for next cards out

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