Sugarhouse Casino struggling

Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by Thunder, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Good ........screw them....blood sucking SOBs.........maybe they shouldnt be so greedy and lower their house edge so that a player can actually spend some time at the machines and enjoy their gaming day!!!!!!!!
    Such as instead of a 10% HE.........lower to 5% HE... like the olden days.........or even less when it was quite common to have a 1 or 2% HE on 1$ slots...............Dirtbags.....
    Thanks for the article!!!!!!

  3. alwayssplitaces

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    How's their blackjack? Is it still mostly $25 min 8D?

    At least their blackjack rules are set by state law so they can't make them worse, even though they would if they could.
  4. They tried. Several of the PA casinos experimented with not allowing surrender, contrary to state law. That made me wonder just how stupid a casino manager could be, not allowing a rule that is misplayed by 99% of the casino patrons while the other 1% (us) is going to complain to the state and make trouble for them. How did they think that was going to end up?
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    struggling isn't the right word. struggling implies they are on the brink of bankruptcy. No, they like most new businesses, were way too optimistic about their projections. Planners were too optimistic to get investors and city council on board, like the snake oil salesman they are. Or maybe it is too soon to be speculating over results? 4 months and people already have an opinion? most businesses don't even turn a profit for at least 1 year. hell, Xbox didn't turn a profit for 6 years!
  6. Macho

    Correct, they deserve no profit, I hope they go belly up,,they are a nothing.

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    Sugar gone bad?

    I find it amazing that corporations much less gaming corporations are so driven by greed and not longevity. If you see one ship after another on the rocks why steer your ship into the same heading? Geezoman take your head out of your arse and manage your casino to survive. High house edges drive the patrons away jerkmeats tell me you don't see that. If just one casino ceo sees this post read this " Wake up and stop Gouging your customers". your job depends on it. The only other profession that gets paid for being wrong most of the time is a weatherman so bone up on meterology or change your business modal.
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