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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by SBJ, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. SBJ

    SBJ Member

    How do you actually find a team that is already set up and looking for a newbie who is willing to put in the work?

    Or, how do you go about finding like minded players to join up and do some team play/practicing with?

  2. UK-21

    UK-21 Well-Known Member

    I think there's a number of issues that make it a challenge . . .

    Firstly, where do you go to find this small minority of people? This board's as good as it gets web-wise I would think, although you could put a shout out on the site (I've seen one or two postings there from UK based players). Try to locate where professional gamblers/gamers hang out? I think in the UK most professional gamblers (ie they make their living through making bets in the right place at the right time), either concentrate on the GGs, dogs or when it comes to cards, play poker - I have met a couple in my time.

    In contrast to that, other blackjack card counters I've met mostly play for the fun/challenge/novelty factor with the aim of winning a few bob. As such I would think that, like myself, they wouldn't be looking to put the time in to do the team play thing - what would it add to their experience? I may be wrong.

    Funding of the bankroll? How's that going to be sorted? In order to justify the team play angle, it's going to be necessary to bet at higher levels which may involve having to find an investor or investors - in which case the enterprise takes on an entirely new guise, especially if said investor is a type that doesn't complete a tax return every year and might take a dim view of the results of negative variance. If not, then I would think being involved in a team play scenario will provide little benefit beyong meeting like-minded people.

    And then there's the issue of longevity. It's inevitable that where some serious money starts being thrown across the felt in those casinos in London that offer decent games (from an AP perspective), players will eventually get sussed and see the welcome mat withdrawn - which, as I'm sure you appreciate, would be a real problem in the UK where playing opportunities are relatively limited (there's one contributor to this board who's been busted from one of the main chains, and just can't play anymore unless he wants to travel to London to play at the independents). Why would someone want to run the risk of seeing their playing career, at whatever level, being curteiled?

    About a year after I joined the board here, I received a PM from someone based in the UK saying he was putting a team together and was interested in meeting me. I gave it a miss as it's not for me. I may have been persuaded if the approach had been made by someone I knew well and where there wouldn't have been any comebacks if I'd been involved in the loss of £20K of someone else's money.

    All in all, I would say don't be too cheesed off if you don't find your team, or you receive little response or interest from putting out a shout. There are UK contributors to this board who are dotted around the country and who may be willing to meet up with you for a beer and a chinwag. It depends where you're located of course.

    Good cards.
  3. SBJ

    SBJ Member

    Thanks UK-21.

    I agree, with all of your points. Espically given that I do not have any experience of doing this. It would be great to contact a team that was already up and running, and learn from them... It appears this may be more possible in the States than the UK though.

    Nothing like reducing your share of the takings to be given a bit of guidance as to how to proceed.

    It'd be great to meet any counters that were based in the South East (I'll give closer location via PMs!), to see if there was any scope of getting something off the ground, or just to have a chat etc.

    And if anyone wants to contact me who already has a team up and running... well they know where I am now! :grin:

  4. caramel6

    caramel6 Well-Known Member


    Hi, I am in South-East, in Kent,
  5. SBJ

    SBJ Member

    Hi Caramel6. I can't PM at the moment (nbot enough posts or something), but have you done much counting before?

    I'm rather green (and not chip-wise!) at the moment, but am keen and eager to learn.

    I wonder where UK-21 is based?

  6. UK-21

    UK-21 Well-Known Member

    An hour on the train out of London. So not close to you I'm afraid. I live in an area where the air is clean(er), where there's more green bits than grey bits but unfortunately no casino. So visiting a house of chance is a 100 mile round trip for me at best. Hence I don't play that often and in recent months other things have captured my interest and taken up my spare time.
  7. gkaridi

    gkaridi New Member

    looking for team members

    Hey, i live in Enfield. i go in and out of london all the time by train. i have been studying card counting for about a year now. i can count 1 deck of cards in about 18 seconds. i know about shufle tracking and betting strategy. i have only counted cards in a casino once by myself. i was not caught and tripled my £100. i think it would be a great benefit working as a team and i am looking for team members to practice with. if u are interested please get back to me. thank you.
  8. willywill

    willywill Member

    Looking for people in london

    Good morning everyone,

    I moved in london recently because of work I am looking for people to train and play with in a casino. so if you are a counter in london I would appriciate to meet you and speak around a beer to see what we can do together.

    thanks a lot

  9. willywill

    willywill Member

    gkaridi when do you come in london ? I can free myself next week in the evening. I don't think I can MP you so if you can that would be better. cheers
  10. CesJJ

    CesJJ New Member

    Looking to build a small team

    Hi I am a London based counter looking for a small team or even just a partner or two. Willywill if you are still thinking along the same lines let me know.
  11. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member


    team=share the same b'roll ?
    or backcount n then give signal to teammate to bet, indepently?
  12. gkaridi

    gkaridi New Member

    Hey man, sorry this is so late, havent been on the forum in ages, i cant pm you either. i'm still up for meeting up if you still interested. i have exams next week but then i will be free from 19th may so if you are interested let me know ;)
  13. Mladonna

    Mladonna Member

    going this summer 1 month in london . i'm a new counter but doing pretty well and have a decent bankroll . if you are interested send an email @ .
  14. willywill

    willywill Member

    team In london

    Hi, guys I don't come often on the forum and it's hard to send MP so if you are interested by training and play as a team I am free to meet in london and ready to hit the casino (I am already going on my own). here is my email: email me and put in title blackjack team or something recognizable. I hope I will receive some message soon.
  15. Nimiza

    Nimiza New Member

    Which casinos do you go to in London?

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