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Hello LvBear

Thanks for helping me to return to your Forum

Hey I visited your Saint Pio Shrine near Jersey Casinos

It's an out of the world spiritual experience.

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Speaking of Shrines.........
If you ever get to northern lower MI, check out the "Cross In The Woods National Shrine." It is the largest crucifix in the world. My parents took me there when I was just a young kid. I'm guessing it was about 60 years ago. It might have been on the same trip we took to see the newly built Mackinaw Bridge. To say the least, I was very impressed by it. My parents were very religious, and I had religion shoved down my throat as a youth. If I remember correctly we might of went up the steps on our knees to the cross, but it was a long time ago.

If you are looking for blackjack to play in the area, about 40 miles to the north there is Kewadin casino in St Ignace and about 24 miles to the west there is a casino near Petoskey.
Hello MP, my Brother in Christ
Thanks for the tip on the Cross.
It's on my bucketlist now.

Speaking of Casino vs Church/Shrine

Why is it that...
Casino gets the booming [email protected] Weekend
while Church is dying....?

Harrahs Casino gets tons of gamblers waiting in line @Memorial Weekend,
While St Pat's church only gets some parishioners,
(See screenshots) go figure.


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You're right. This is a gambling forum.
I am not going to talk about religion except for Colin Jones & Companies, the most religious gamblers