The Good & Bad Pit Bosses at VIG

The folks at VIG have a great product. They provide video feed to at least 10 online casinos. Their most popular casinos they provide the video feed for are Celtic Casino, Castle Casino, Fairway Casino, Sportsbook, and Black Orchid Casino. However, they do have some personnel issues which does raise some questions of their professional integrity.

However, they do have good pit bosses, but like any other organization a couple of people will ruin it for the rest of the bunch. I will be tough with my analysis, but I will be fair.

Here are the good pit bosses who will treat you right and who will treat you with respect :

Cesar-He definitely has professional integrity. I’ve never seen him treat a player ever. He watches the dealers like hawks and he will not hesitate to act. He is always polite and professional. He works during their graveyard shift. If a dealer is making too many illegal spins, then he will come in immediately and correct the situation.

Christian A.- His composure is amazing. He never ever gets rattled. He’s completely professional and friendly. I saw him handle a player who was really cussing at him because he was losing big, and Christian politely and calmly told him that in 15 minutes another dealer would be coming to the table. He works during the morning shift.

Giovanni- He’s very similar to Christian A. He’s almost always upbeat. He’s never mean to players. I saw him deal with a very difficult player and he was slightly caught off-guard, but Giovanni didn’t overreact. He kept his cool, but he was firm. It’s a shame he’s not a full pit boss. He really deserves it. He works during their graveyard shift.

Mayboll- She is very professional. She is direct and honest. She listens well. I get the impression she wants to create win-win situations. She has a nice diplomatic approach. She never overreacts, and I’ve never seen her mistreat a player ever. She works during their morning shift.

Ericka- She is always smiling, (unless she has a cold.) She’s a great listener. She never mistreats players nor she ever overreact. She handles people’s objections well. Ericka is the only pitboss I’ve seen that knows how to be assertive properly, and she’s never aggressive. She works during their PM shift.

Hannia- She is a great listener. I’ve never seen her mistreat any player, and she never overreacts. She works during their graveyard shift.

Ken- He’s cleaned up his act. He’s not insulting players anymore. I found out why he used to do it. He used to do it because he succumbed to the stress of his job. As long has he has gets enough Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 in his system, then he’ll be fine. He’s doing a much better job of handling objections better. He works during their PM shift.

Carolina. A-She is a quiet pitboss working behind the scenes. I’ve never seen her mistreat a player nor have I seen her overreact. She works during their graveyard shift.

Luna- She is an assistant pitboss. She never overreacts and never mistreats players. She works during their AM shift.

Now here are the pitbosses you want to avoid at ALL costs:

Crisitian R- He’s a heavy set guy. He rules with an iron fist. He does not let people talk much and explain their side of the story. His critical thinking in English is poor. He doesn’t understand the concept when a pit boss doesn’t act with professional integrity, then customer should feel free to contact his superior. He doesn’t understand the concept that his superior’s business email address is NOT private information. Furthermore, he also fails to understand that his lack of professional conduct is his a legitimate business concern. He does not handle legitimate objections in a professional manner. He works during their PM shift. Avoid him! Period.

Karolina G- This is the new full pit boss who really has professional integrity issues. She has a tendency to emotionally overreact. She works during their PM shift.

She overreacted one time, when I told a player who was having bad luck at a table to come back later for another dealer and I told him he doesn’t have to continue being at that table. At that time she was an assistant pit boss, when threatened to call the pit boss on when I was giving some player friendly advice. Did she apologize? No. Was she ever punished by superior? To the best of my knowledge, no.

I was answering a player’s question. The player wanted to know where they were from. So, I said they are from the San Jose area. Karolina overreacted again by falsely accusing me of disclosing “sensitive” information. So, she again overreacted when I gave vague information. She didn’t apologize, and (to the best of my knowledge) she wasn’t punished by her superior.

She one time admitted to a player that she mistreated him when she was on duty as an assistant pitboss. I was right there when she admitted it. I told that player he should take that kind of abuse from her. I gave that player a piece of contact information. Karolina didn’t like that one bit, and she called her colleague Cristian R. Then he was very rude to me, and I was treated with disrespect because Cristian are raised his voice at me. Like Cristian R., Karolina doesn’t understand the concept that her superior’s business email address is NOT private information. Furthermore, she also fails to understand that her lack of professional conduct is a legitimate business concern. She does not handle legitimate objections in a professional manner. Again, she didn’t apologize, and (to the best of my knowledge) she wasn’t punished by her superior.

One time, I told her that I couldn't go to a certain destination at a certain time, and she called me a liar for no good reason at all. Again, she didn’t apologize , and (to the best of my knowledge) she wasn’t punished by her superior.

Another time, there was a player who kept repeating a number for a ridiculous amount of time at a table. I asked that player in a polite manner to refrain from doing that. Most of the players, don’t like it when a player that repeats the same number over and over and over. However, Karolina was rude to me by encouraging that type of rude behavior for that player. Once again, she didn’t apologize, and to (to the best of my knowledge) she wasn’t punished by her superior.

When Karolina G was a dealer in about March 2010, she was made an inappropriate comment. She disclosed personal details of her “dating” life. To be more specific, she made an inappropriate comment that she was dating a black man. Now, I don’t care who she dates, but that comment was unprofessional. To the best of my knowledge, she wasn’t disciplined.

So, now it’s clear she has a pattern of acting in an unprofessional manner.

If I or anyone else did that kind of behavior on their jobs, then they would probably be disciplined to say the least, and there would be good chance that we would be fired from our jobs. However, based on this pattern by Karolina G, then she clearly benefits from a double-standard. Who permits her unprofessional behavior? Her boss does and her name is Janice Alder. Only at VIG can you behave like that and get rewarded. You can get promoted to an assistant pit boss if you engage in that kind of unprofessional conduct. If you continue that kind of unprofessional conduct, then you get promoted to a full pit boss. If it worked for Karolina G., then who else could it work for?

Now I will anticipate that CelticCasino or someone else from VIG will say, “Your behavior was abusive!” That claim is nonsense, because I was standing up for myself. If one of them does make that claim, then they won’t have a credible claim because they don’t have first-hand knowledge. Do I think those people are bad people? No. Abusive is a psychological and a subjective measurement. I could say 1 + 1 = 2 to a pit boss who is in a bad mood, and that pit boss could perceived that as “abusive”. I was calling out their bad behavior. I guess calling out bad behavior could be perceived as “abusive”. Now under their 15th column in their terms and conditions it says this, “Abusive or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated on our platforms or with any of our staff. Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of your use of the services or such other action as may be reasonably required by what (VIG casino it is) to ensure compliance. In addition, you are not entitled to make untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging comments with regard to the (whatever VIG video feed casino) operation in any media or forum.” So, if you stand up for yourself, then they could consider that “abusive” under those terms. I guess those term will allow the players to be a victim of a double standard under those terms, because they can perceive anything to be “offensive” and “abusive”. Sure, having a provision for slander/libel is fair, but having a provision that says people can’t tell their bad experience is ridiculous and patently unjust. Those two pit bosses (Cristian R. and Karolina G.) love to come down on the players who behave badly like a bag of hammers. However, those pit bosses who behave badly don’t want to be held accountable for their unprofessional conduct. It’s shameless that they do not have the professional courtesy and integrity to say there are sorry when they act unprofessionally. When those two pit bosses benefit from a double-standard, then that is mob behavior. Only mobsters benefit from a double-standard, and that is sad.

I understand VIG wants to make money, and I want them to make money. However, their pit bosses can’t deprive people of their dignity and they can’t treat anyone with disrespect. I say this with sarcasm, but, it’s a great way to attract potential customers when those two pit bosses (Karolina G and Cristian R.) treat a player like nonsense. So, the pit bosses can’t act in an unprofessional manner to ANYONE if they want to create win-win situation with their customers or potential customers.

Now I will also anticipate that Adrian from Celtic Casino or someone else from VIG will lament and say, “Well the pit bosses have a tough job!” If a pit boss is entrusted with a lot of power, then it’s fair for him/her to be held accountable. Those two pit bosses need to understand the concept that great power comes great responsibility.

What is even worse is that their boss Janice Alder permits the bad behavior. Do I think Ms. Alder is a bad person? No. I like her and respect her very much. With all due respect to her, in this particular case she is showing a tremendous lapse of judgment here. So, if she wants to correct these acts of unprofessional conduct and restore the professional integrity of the operation that she is in charge of, then she has to cut those two people lose (Karolina G and Cristian R.) or discipline them severely. Janice clearly has the mindset of an educator, because she used to teach in the suburbs of Chicago. What are educators notoriously known for? They are notorious for their lack of understanding of how economics and capitalism work. In order for a business to be successful, then you must satisfy other people needs before your own. Ms. Alder fails to realize or forgets that if you turn customers off and potential customers off, then your business can fail. She claims “keeping her employees happy" is the top priority. Her top priority should be not turning off customers and potential customers off and protecting the company’s image, and she need to tell that to those pit bosses. So, it would be in her best interests to readjust her priorities. The ball is in her court. Janice has the right personnel to replace those two unprofessional pit bosses. I hope she corrects this bad situation.

Am I saying avoid all the casinos that use VIG and avoid VIG entirely? Absolutley not. I’m just saying avoid those pit bosses who are Karolina G and Cristian R. when they are on duty. If I were those managers that use the VIG video feed, then I would be outraged and appalled. However, by all means, do go to the e-tables at when the good pit bosses are there. It’s just fair to reward them for their good behavior.