The "OTHER" S. Korea Casinos

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by 65D, Oct 18, 2010.

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  2. jnrwilliam

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    Sorak Park---cheating
    Kanganwoo----open for local Korean, extrememly crowdy.
    no surr, 6d, S17, DA2.
  3. 65D

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    thanks for the feedback

    I plan to go recon those 2 this weekend.

    1 question on each of them:

    Sorok-cheat. As in the deck is spiked w/ 4/5/6, or aces removed???
    - Elaborate, if you can please on cheat??

    Kangwon: with the 45 BJ tables, they say they have (and you saying how crowded it is). I heard that its 1-100. That's very low limit, but can't beat 1-100 spread. Hows the heat. Is it wong/walk-around/wong friendly?
  4. jnrwilliam

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    better go Kangwoo rather than Sorak Park if u choose 1 of them.
    short deck n dealing 2nd card in Sorak Park was reported.
    veryvery crowdy in Kangwoo as i heard in 2008.
  5. jnrwilliam

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    yes, u can wong in/out, bet behind the box owner's main bet, but u have no say.
  6. 65D

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    thank ya

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