The paradox of playing in higher Ev games/sessions

The paradox of playing in higher Ev games/sessions...
... that are due to various good-conditions (like deep pene% and high count betting opps) is that they are often the ones where we experience our biggest losses. we need a good name for this apparent paradox. zg
Re: The paradox of playing in higher Ev games/sess

Hey ZG how ya doin! I agree the losses at high conuts are frustrating. It happens frequently to me. All I can say is that the deviation devil is mischievios. I have learned not to get cocky and bet over the prescribed bankroll limitations. I use Schlesinger's betting model from his article on wonging in BA ATTACK II. TC = +1-+2 bet 1 unit, +2-+3 bet 2 units, +3-+4 bet 4 units, +5-+6 bet 6 units and over +6 bet two hands of 6 units. I have been happy with this. When I play, I play for long periods of time, and I wong wong wong. I play at a low ROR. I bet red and have a good bank roll. I dont live from my bankroll and I am not supporting myself from my winnings. I am lucky enough to maintain a bankroll for playing. I do play for the comps and work hard to break even or cut an edge.

ZG I know what you mean about the flow of the game and your questions on whether or not subjective reasoning can be used in Black Jack.

My big thing is how the hell do I still win when I screw up the count or make a wrong playing decision. Then when when I know my counting for the day is dead on and I am almost psychic and can predict the cards comming out, lose?.

All I can offer is READ the books on the mathematics behind all this lunacy. I am half way through BJA II on my second reading and I had to get help. Face it I am dumb. My math is limited to two semesters of business algebra in college, I should've got a BS.

Anyway as I start to understand how the formulas work and apply them to the prescribed game,bank roll, bet units, size of bet, hours of play, penetration....etc you can start to see the odds of what will happen next. Be it long term expectation in terms of deviation, profit/loss, odds of the dealer breaking, odds of possible black jacks.

In the end I think it is deviation that causes us to get frustrated. Listen I have had high TC"S at the end of a shoe, 1 deck or less cut, and I expect to at least get a 20 or 21 total with two cards but end up getting a bad hand or lower than the dealers final hand. The all time frustration is when the ploppies around you get black jack after blackjack...jeeeeze! Mayor comments please: even you have to admit that maybe some one is standing behind you with a pin punctured straw doll when this happens at high counts.

I firmly believe this game is hard pressed math and nothing else. I do believe that cheating goes on. Human nature is the force behind this. Hard to prove though. I have been playing for Three years with One year of solid counting with ill 18 and fab four indices. The casinos have been doing this since Bugsy's time and have had enough time to figure how to manipulate the cartds and hey bugsy worked for MURDER INC.. LTC
PS I wish I had a mirror ball or the knowledge of the flaw like the pygmy voodoo tribe professes to have. Then I too can be ignorant and happy.