TKO in CVBlackjack

I am now curious as to how TKO can be implemented into CV Blackjack on PC. Mainly, how it is calculated. I’ve decided to buy CVCX/CVDATA but skip on CVBlackjack because I doesn’t look like it can utilize TKO but I want to be sure before I buy the package because it would be discounted if I bought it with the others.

My main questions are:

1. Can CVBlackjack be used in accordance with TKO?

And if the answer is yes...

2. What are the different equations or ways the software converts the KO running count into a true count?

Thanks guys


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To the OP: why don't you ask Norm about it first before you pay? I bought an old version of CVData years ago. It was a great software but it could not sim KO in TC mode due to the unbalanced nature to calculate TC. Maybe the new version can do it, but you have to ask him.