To George I

The Mayor

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Hi George,

I am not going to permit your thread dealing with Chaos Theory,Target21 and Clumping. Please read the posting guidelines atthe top of the Main Message Board.

Allow me to suggest (Dead link: _www.johnpatrick.com_ as a viable alternative site.

I also suggest you read (or re-read) all my essays on Mythology.



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I just want to say that the science of numbers (Math) is a pure science and any claims of winning systems based on anything other than mathematical work falls under the "mythology" area and cannot be taken seriously; numbers do not lie, it's as simple as that.
Re: To Mr. Mayor

I respect the board`s policies and in the future I will try to avoid to break`em.
I`m a little confused about your comments on the chaos theory.I did`n`t know that exists such a theory in BJ.Also
I thaught that Chaos Theory has a mathematical base.John
Patrick is not on my favorites list.
I included a link to a Chaos Theory site for the others hoping that they will treat this theory as it is.

George I.