To those who hated me over the years

ENOUGH!!! I haven't gambled for months already, and I don't plan on going anymore. So what is all the tracking from you guys?


You pathetic losers got my identity, listened to my phone calls in secret, hacked into my emails, and harrased me both physically and mentally over all these years. But if I did nothing illegal, then it's your problem. Just get the hell out of my face, okay?

Otherwise, I'm gonna sue the casino ( which got me arrested, physically assaulted me in front of everybody, as well as stealing over 2K from my wallet ), the cops, and the security for 50M each. Either leave me alone or meet me in the provincial courtroom. I'll give you an option.

I could recall the firefighters having upbeat slogans like 'Serving with pride' on their firetrucks. Well, replace the word 'pride' with 'corruption' and you get the picture. Shame on you!! You guys are testing my patience.
It sounds like you should sue... least call Bob Nersesian and have a free consultation.
- zg(I'm paranoid too, but I have no doubt that people are out to get me)

LV Bear

Not sure if Bob N takes cases in Canada

I assume a "provincial courtroom" is in Canada. At least we know casinos are the same everywhere.
And u know what, zg?

When they got me arrested that day the cops showed no respect for me in the back room. They even dragged me out of the casino and put me into a mental institution. I was a little bit afraid at that time, but I remember exactly what happened that day.

Meanwhile in the psych ward, the cops 'claimed' that I got a 'gambling problem'.
(Holy s***! I haven't gambled for months before I got arrested. So where is that so called 'gambling problem')? Also, they said I was aggressive. It was the casino security who was aggressive, not me. They came up to my back silently and tackled me down on the floor till the cops arrived. Such barbaric behavior is totally uncacceptable. And the cops told the medical staff of the psych ward how they tracked me down using cops cars, helicopters, and the aid of their colleagues who work for security companies. As to what I've heard, they use helicopters only to track guys who smoke pot.

What a bunch of criminals! However, I'm quite frustrated, as one of my lawyer friends told me that it is legal for the cops to track people whom they believe are acting conspicious. But I'll got straight ahead and see what they've got up their sleeve, and act accordingly.
re:Not sure if Bob N takes cases in Canada

A 'provincial courtroom' is in Canada. In the states there are Esquires, here in Canada there are those called 'Queens' Counsel'.

I found it funny that the casino who got me arrested have different signs on their walls like, 'We have the right to refuse service', or 'The use of electronic devices are strictly illegal'. However, the law here in BC doesn't say anything to support these bull****. I could even get in touch with my former team members and use a BJ computer to beat them for high stakes. If they want to put us into trouble, I'll take legal action.
They barred me and I got back.

But they didn't read the 'Trespass Act'. Here in BC there is no such thing. Therefore, it is not illegal for me to go back.

That day I got back and they asked me to leave in an extremely rude way, as they knew I was a card counter, flamboyant, proud, and stuff like that. I didn't leave, continued to ignore them, held my head way up, and they knocked me down.
Sounds like you have a bit of emotion invested in all this

And I'm not trying to be insulting by saying this, but you may have shown some emotion when this was happening that caused them to take you to the mental hospital. Letting emotions control you when you are playing is dangerous as we all know, and it's also dangerous in confrontational situations like dealing with police or security. Pride is something you want to leave home, at all costs. Of course I could be wrong, but I don't believe the casinos in BC have the ability or the motivation to read your email or follow you with helicopters. They can't accomodate action big enough in those casinos to justify those measures.

My advice is to try some other stores. There are a few decent games in BC and many more down in Washington State.
Kinda agree with what you said

When I got knocked down on the floor, I was swearing like crazy. Maybe that's the reason why they put me in the psych ward. However, I've seen people being sent to such places just because they are drug addicts, or verbally assaulted the police in some way.

Honestly speaking, I knew weeks ago that the cops do follow people around by helicopters. My lawyer friend told me that.

OTOH, I have an email address over Yahoo. On numerous occasions it took over 10 minutes to download after I logged in, and usually there's an error message sayin' that the page couldn't be displayed. Therefore it is safe to say that my email had been invaded by hackers.

And you know what? I often have to encounter a pit boss over the 21 table. When the PB is dealing, even a 3-year-old kid knows what is goin' on. HEAT!!

On the last session I played before I got arrested, there are 2 cops walkin' on the casino floor (not the one which kicked me out). After that night, I was sure the cops are involved.

And yes, I do have to hunt for greener pastures.
Saw a casino staff on the train tonight

He gave me a REALLY dirty look and got off 1 station earlier than I do. Should've followed him out and beat him up real hard and bump his head over to the wall, but I gave up the idea because I was tired after a day's work. But if I see them again next time, I would've done that--and as nasty as I could. Pretending not to see them didn't really mean I didn't notice them.

Nobody has ever taken any real advantage over me in ANY way. Never!
Oh, yeah?

But you guys have been tracking me for years, correct? By car, by train, on the streets, you name it. YOu pathetic losers know better than I, don't cha? As I've stressed before, the cops do have the right to track people, but the casinos don't. It's a criminal offense. You guys have the right to deny it, but if I've gotta meet you guys in a courtroom, I have strong evidence to back me up. I've got all the incident written down in one of my notebooks, license # of cops and security vehicles, etc. For those casino staff who followed me on the train, I could've taken those surveillance tapes and replay them in court. And if you guys didn't give up the tapes, it's even worse--obstruction of justice.

Also, you guys showed no respect for me and other players. When I was losing, you guys made fun of me. When other players are betting max and winning, you guys showed no respect, either, and eyeing them closely as if they're criminals. I've encountered numerous occasions when players are flat-betting a quarter table and you losers asked a PB to deal. What the fu** do you guys have in mind. If you guys can't afford to lose it, close all the tables. It's that simple.

I've been physically harrassed on numerous occasions. The most obvious one is the one which I got arrested and got sent to the psych ward. However, there are a few points that are suspicious if a person could use some deep thought:

1. If I did something wrong (which I didn't), just ask the cops to put me in jail. Why was there an ambulance waiting out there?

2. The cops locked me up in the backroom and asked me who my doctor is. (Hey, do you mean my family doctor, my optometrist, a psychiatrist, or someone else?).
Such a stupid question.

3. The casino stole my money (a few grand) without ever paying me back.

4. The cops were making fun of me when I was being interrogated. What the hell did they have in mind?

5. They dragged me out of the casino. If you've seen the DVD by Wong, it is so easy to spot the similarities.

6. And if I deserve to be hospitalized, it's the fault of you folks. Why did I keep on encountering cops cars out side my home, the places I go a lot, and even seeing them in the casinos I play? If you guys can't even afford a few losing sessions against a 'slighly higher than average' card counter like me, then I don't think you guys have the guts to operate a casino. Again, SHAME ON YOU!!

However, I won the 'review panel' in the psych ward, and I was free to go.

And that's why I backed others up to play instead of playing the game myself. It's a more logical choice, since the rules stink.

p.s. Are you a casino staff? If so, then your post should've been busted.