Triple Draw Blackjack

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    Here's our newest game, in demo form. It's headed for Facebook next month, and from there, who knows. Probably slot and online is the best fit, but it can be played on felt all the same.

    This is basic blackjack with two additional target hands to win. It's a house banked game and the simulator on our first look website doesn't use a player bankroll, but will keep track of chips won.

    I used a very basic strategy to run the simulator through thousands of hands. On the 21 level, Player would hit any 12 or 13 and anytime the dealer card (+10) beat player's hand.

    After the first level the dealer card is revealed so the strategy would be to hit any hand where the dealer had the player beat. Otherwise stayed. Dealer stayed on any 17.

    As the target levels go up, the Ace = Target number - 10, so Ace/10 is 21, 25 and 29 and wins all three levels naturally. Ace/9 = 20, 24, 28. Once an
    Ace goes hard it remains hard for the rest of the hand, naturally.

    The demo allows 1-5 bets on each level, but the final game may simply require equal bets for all levels. I'm sure some will immediately see why.

    Would there be a better player basic strategy for the simulator to determine the impact of rule or limit adjustments? Currently the house edge using basic strategy results in 5.4% about the same using the same strategy against a large shoe with dealer standing on soft 17.

    Love to hear your feedback on this game and the math challenges it presents. has the sample game.

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