Tunica - Best Place for Low Minimum BJ


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Planning a trip to Tunica.
Wife and I both play BJ - just Basic Strategy players.
Looking for place to play with LOW MINIMUMS - prefer $5 but will play $10.
Also, looking to stay at casino hotel that is not very expensive.
(Would rather have more money to spend in the casiono - will spend much more time at the BJ tables than in the room anyway)

Any suggestions?
Considering Fitzgeralds.


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Tunica BJ

Fitz usually has a couple $5 DD games. Occasionally, Hollywood and Sheraton will have a $5 DD game. Also Fitz has a $10 SD that pays 3:2, but most everywhere else is $25 min. or 6:5. All Tunica casinos offer a $5 shoe game.

Rules for DD/shoe games: H17, DAS, DA2, no surrender
Rules for SD: H17, No DAS, DA2, no surrender

Good Luck


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Try Fitz or Hollywood. Found a REALLY good $10 game at Sams town once too. They don't use a cut card over there and the dealer would literally have 15 cards left. All he needed was a little motivation:grin: