Tunica from Memphis Airport


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I'm considering a trip to Tunica.
I'd fly into Memphis.

What's the best way to get from the Memphis Airport to Tunica?
Are there any shuttle services? How about cab?
I'd rather not rent a car, but would if that would work out better.

Please advise.



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shadroch said:
The casinos used to have a shuttle. I assume they still do.The casinos are pretty strung out,you really should have a car.
I thought there were shuttles going around. Sheraton, Horseshoe, and Gold Strike are right next door to each other. Stay at one and you can walk, maybe catch a shuttle to Grand Casino (the other Harrah's joint).


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Once in Tunica, There is a shuttle service that takes you to all of the casino's in Tunica, however it is not a 24hr service. The Horshoe, Harras Tunica and Sheraton (All Harra's properties) have a seperate shuttle of there own as well.


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my advice

You should really get a car. Horeshoe, Goldstrike, and Sheraton are within walking distance but you won't find any decent games at Sheraton. PM me what type of game you play and and what stakes. You won't be able to play at Goldstrike long if you are a big player....... not even green chips.

Edit - the shuttle service deceased a couple months ago. The only one still available goes from Harrahs(formerly the Grand) - Horseshoe