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    I am used to casino’s were when the dealer makes a mistake, such as pulling an extra card, that the next had is a void cue (non-betting hand). This makes sense, so I was surprised to learn that the place I was playing at had this rule, that if the dealer makes a mistake, the advantage goes to the players as it was the casino’s mistake, how generous of them!

    An obvious mistake would be drawing cards with no bets on the table. This can happen if you’re the only player at the table, are in a rhythm and pause.

    A few years ago this happened to me, the dealer pulls three cards, before we realise what has happened. The pit boss is called over and the cards are pulled back. I’m fine with this as the Player was standing on a Natural Eight and the Banker had a six showing.

    So obviously not wanting to take advantage of the casinos misfortune, I increased my Player bet 40 fold. The feeling of an easy pay-day soon evaporated as the fourth card drawn was a three with the Banker winning 9-8. Gutted and cursing the smug looking dealer as much as I was allowed, if it wasn’t for that mistake, I would have stuck to my normal bet. I had to step outside for a few cigarettes to calm down.

    Anyway revenge is best served cold, many months later the same thing happened, only this time, with some sharp thinking, I waited until the entire hand was dealt, before I piped up. There ensued an argument which held the game up for about twenty minutes (I was the only one playing) while I argued “you can’t change your rules”, “this has happened before”, they told me they had to check the rules which was bullshit. I think they knew what was coming next. Three times I had to correct the dealer on the order to pull the cards back. Finally when they were ready to go, I reached for wallet and bought in for more cash and proceeded to bet the table maximum. I got paid and headed to the cage followed by a frustrated manager asked if I was leaving.

    I said no, I just wanted to get some of the chips off the table. I was losing prior to this, so it put me back in the game, but overall it was just a break even session. Shortly afterwards at another casino belonging to the same chain, were word had spread, the dealers tried to give me a hard time, but I was having none of that and laughed at them.

    The same thing happened, again only player at the table, Player is given a Natural Eight after three cards were drawn with no bets on the table. After the first time, I just tripled my bet and won this time, wondering should I have put more on. Two bystanders tried to get in on the action, the casino said no, only players previously betting are allowed to bet (that didn’t make a lot of sense, because if I was betting the prior hand, this would not have happened) . Basically they were making up the rules for such incidents as they went along.

    [FONT=&quot]Same thing happened a year later, I asked for the cards to be pulled back and was firmly told, no it’s a void cue, which makes more sense, but who was complaining:laugh:[/FONT]
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    If this happens to you a lot, you should better memorize an EV table (or at least +EV or -EV) for the next 1-3 cards known, including tie and side bets.

    Other than that I don't see any AP move here, unless you can provoke the dealer into those errors.

    I wonder why PB didn't consider just burning those exposed cards...

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