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Discussion in 'Western USA' started by AnonymousCC, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. AnonymousCC

    AnonymousCC Member

    Hey guys

    I'm 20 years old. What options do I have? Are there any more casinos for me to play at than Barona, Viejas and Sycuan?

    Might be heading up to Reno this weekend.

  2. Richard Munchkin

    Richard Munchkin Well-Known Member

    Morongo is 18.
  3. MEJ1990TM

    MEJ1990TM New Member

    I am assuming you are in the SD county area? Pauma is an 18+ casino as well. I gave up on playing black jack at Pauma though since most of the time the only tables they have open are constant shufflers.
  4. jingber05

    jingber05 Well-Known Member

    pauma,syucan,barona morongo and chumash are casinos in the LA area that are 18. keep in mind i dont suggest you go to anywhere else except barona because barona seems to have the best players there. morongo are all idiots
  5. irobinson

    irobinson Well-Known Member

    Yep. $25 "high limit" pit. Woot! At least they went back to 6 deck on shoes.
  6. jingber05

    jingber05 Well-Known Member

    yea im a little confused why morongo wont put 2 deck games in there casino.
  7. Rebecca C

    Rebecca C Member

    Why do you care about other players?

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