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Discussion in 'Western USA' started by AnonymousCC, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. AnonymousCC

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    Hey guys

    I'm 20 years old. What options do I have? Are there any more casinos for me to play at than Barona, Viejas and Sycuan?

    Might be heading up to Reno this weekend.

  2. Richard Munchkin

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    Morongo is 18.
  3. MEJ1990TM

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    I am assuming you are in the SD county area? Pauma is an 18+ casino as well. I gave up on playing black jack at Pauma though since most of the time the only tables they have open are constant shufflers.
  4. jingber05

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    pauma,syucan,barona morongo and chumash are casinos in the LA area that are 18. keep in mind i dont suggest you go to anywhere else except barona because barona seems to have the best players there. morongo are all idiots
  5. irobinson

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    Yep. $25 "high limit" pit. Woot! At least they went back to 6 deck on shoes.
  6. jingber05

    jingber05 Well-Known Member

    yea im a little confused why morongo wont put 2 deck games in there casino.
  7. Rebecca C

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    Why do you care about other players?
  8. Barona is your best bet. Their 6 deck game has a house edge of 0.48% ( DAS Re-split Aces, one card per Ace, Late Surrender available, Double on any two cards, BJ PAYS 3:2, Re-split any pair 4 times) 80% penetration. The 6 deck game almost always is running 24/7 and has a 5$ minimum.
    Barona's double deck game is identical except with a table minimum of $25 on average, some $15 and $10 tables have opened up and run on occasion. Barona's double deck game has a house edge of 0.33% BUT it only has 50% penetration.
    Most other casino's don't offer surrender, like Sycuan, which has the same rules as Barona except they usually have less tables running and there is NO SURRENDER, resulting in a house edge of about 0.56% for their 6d game and 0.44% for their double deck game. The penetration is the same as Barona's. By the way, don't even think about Ocean's 11. Their casino is a joke. Their BLACKJACK PAYS 6:5 on ALL TABLES increasing the house edge by over 1%. Also, Ocean's 11's machines are extremely tight, and their Roulette is double zero. If you're going to play poker there then get ready to pay an extremely high rake.
    In conclusion, if you're trying to increase your odds and give yourself the best chance of winning BARONA is your BEST BET.
    Now, about Reno, look up their casino's online and then call the phone number to the various casino's you find near the area you're planning on staying. Ask them for their blackjack rules and they will usually transfer you to the pit where the pit boss will answer your question's. I suggest calling early in the morning on a week day, since they will have more time to talk to you. Pull up a BLACKJACK ODDS CALCULATOR so you have question's ready for them so that there are no awkward pauses. Once you have called around the various casino's and you found the game with the best odds then plan your trip around that casino. Also, make sure to ask them if they're using CSM's or ASM's if that's something you want to know.
    GOOD LUCK on your trip to RENO!

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