Undercover Boss - MGM COO

Discussion in 'General' started by Dyepaintball12, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow's episode of "Undercover Boss" features the President and COO of MGM Resorts!

    Should be awesome!

    Sunday 9/8C CBS
  2. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Should be amusing!

    Wonder if we'll see anyone we know, or anyone being backed off...
  3. johndoe

    johndoe Well-Known Member

    I heard he was an exceedingly sloppy dealer. It would have been very entertaining if someone took advantage of that.
  4. Machinist

    Machinist Well-Known Member

    I'm so sick of " canned " shows..........Good golly miss molly .........how many employees do they have to interview before they find the right ones to be part of the show!!!! Give me a break!!!!! I've watched 3 of these stupid shows..........same dam story line.... Boo fu##ing hooooooo..........
    In fact i dont watch so called reality shows just because of the fake story lines. Even the discovery channel crap has the same storylines ,,,,,,,,just different characters.
    Kinda reminds me of slot machines.......same sheeeeet ... just different packaging!!!!!!
    I feel like screwing MGM now.......and then maybe a nice boo hoo letter to the COO and tell him my sob story about how i'm just making it as an AP....
    Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uugghhhh

  5. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    He was a confirmed ploppy.

    At one point, he was trying to deal roulette, and get a good roll with the ball without it coming out of the wheel. Well, he had a couple of short throws, and he's like "man, I've got to roll it harder, these people aren't winning!"
  6. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    That show was really pitiful.

    BTW, I found it interesting that they brought a rookie dealer to the S17 pit. I didn't see what the table mins were, but it's usually $25-50 on those tables. Why not train him on the $10 H17 shoe game?
  7. johndoe

    johndoe Well-Known Member

    It's probably just the space required for all of the lights, camera crew, etc. was a little easier to manage, as well as availability of cooperating players. I loved the flashed card. "I didn't see it..!" haha.
  8. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    I disagree with Machinist! I thought the show was really good and had a touching ending! I like how the boss actually had to go through what the dealers go through on a daily basis!

    And yeah it's true all of these episodes are the same and I always find it funny how sometimes the people at the end get prizes far different in value from the others!

    The Black lady got more flowers to deliver and a free cruise... The other guy got $10,000 and a free Private Plane and ringside tickets to a UFC fight! If I was her I'd be pissed :p
  9. Machinist

    Machinist Well-Known Member

    Like I said....Boofnhoooooooo.....they are all the same.....your point about the 10grand!..! Yea I thought that was a bit much.....
    In my mind Oprah was orchestrating the show .....Booohoooooooo
  10. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    just saw the show on cbs.com. I can't believe they call this "reality" They would'be never brought a rookie dealer anywhere near a live game to begin with. but they probably brought him to the $25 min because they would have had better dealers working there, so as to follow the sob story of one of the exemplary employee of the month type deals.

    also, I would think the clientele would be less rowdy, more classy at those stakes? maybe not.
  11. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    it's like a contest. 1st 2nd 3rd place. saw one episode of another lame show. secret millionaire, I think. where a rich guy plays undercover philanthropist and he goes to 3 places per episode and at the end he decides how much to give and who gets the most.
  12. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    I thought it was a pretty lame show. Ok, putting him on the front desk and hustling for player's card sign ups I can believe.

    Turning him loose on a blackjack table - NO WAY.

    His gifts and "heartfelt" concern was pathetic - a drop in the bucket. His concern for his humble employees will return to status quo in a few days.

    On top of that, add that he told his kids they were going to be volunteering at nursing homes (uh, wait a minute dad) and they were going to be staying at crappy motels like the one he stayed in (uh, NO WAY DAD) and it was just terribly unbelievable.
  13. StudiodeKadent

    StudiodeKadent Well-Known Member

    The term for this kind of thing is "Glurge." Definition: sickeningly-sweet moralizing that, when you think about it, has some seriously wrong ideas.

    So yes, forcing kids to volunteer (contradiction in terms) and making them stay in crappy motels.... this is unlikely to inspire philanthropy.
  14. Machinist

    Machinist Well-Known Member

    Whew.....I don't feel so alone in my assessment of the show! Also I have learned a new word!!! Thanks
  15. Solo player

    Solo player Well-Known Member

    If you watch close you can catch a glimpse of the bet limit sign. 25 $ min. And I only watched the show once but I thought that most, if not all the players were playing red chips. Well staged.
  16. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    I have played in that pit many times and its definitely the S17 $25-$50 min pit.

    I did see the red chips but it looked like they may have all been betting $25 in reds.

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