Using BJRM 2002

Using BJRM 2002 to Plan Your Trip to the Casino (rge21)
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Recently, our illustrious host of Don's Domain, Mr. Donald
Schlesinger, planned and took a short trip to Las Vegas. Before he
left, he told me he used BJRM 2002 to help him prepare, and to set
expectations, and that the software proved to be very helpful.

That got me thinking that it might be interesting and informative for
all of you to see an example of what sort of things he did. So, with
Don's permission, I will be using some of the actual details of his
trip to show how useful BJRM can be, but I will change a few of the
facts to give him some "cover." For example, I'll change the count he
used, substituting the hi-lo, I will use $10 for his unit, and I'll
make some minor adjustments to the way he actually bet.

That said, here goes . . .

complete article and charts -
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The Mayor

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Don's use of BJRM for his trip seems more to advertise the product than a powerful demonstration of its value.

In practice, we play as strongly as we can get away with.

The only point of the sim really worthy of note is that in a game with surrender, you want the max bet out at +4 (and almost a full max bet at +3), whereas it is definitely +5 without surrender.


A tool for gaining a 'gambling self-awareness' and perspective on the relativity of wins/losses from trip to trip. zg