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Discussion in 'Western USA' started by WABJ11, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Is all Blackjack in BC CSM? Are there any good blackjack games there at all?

    The only non-CSM game I could find was Double Deck in the high limit room of some Great Canadian Properties, but at $50-500 that isn't very enticing.
  2. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    thats it ,nothing else !!it only started about 1 year . it was all csm for 3 years. in vancouver.
  3. Paddler

    Paddler Member


    I didn't even now that we had a DD game up here might, have to check it out.

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