Vegas conditions


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Boy are they horrible. The vast majority of the tables are now 6:5, and while I can manage a $25/$50 minimum to get 3:2 H17 (?!) they are often in high limit areas, and more importantly the numbers of tables to choose from are far fewer.

There are still games to be had, but you've got to look for them.

On the plus side, I basically decided to say "screw it" and play extremely aggressively with an absurd spread, plenty of backcounting, sitting out hands, and the rest, often in rather long sessions. Maybe I got lucky, or they liked my action, or my act, but I had no heat to speak of.

Mask compliance was reasonably ok indoors, at least at the properties I went to. Outside, not a chance; very few wore masks, even in big crowds. Maybe I haven't spent enough time with the masses, but the average Vegas tourist these days is decidedly less classy than I remember. So much aggression, smoke, vomit, and yelling.

Anyway, a nicely profitable trip but I fear for the future out there.
Cosmopolitan has 3:2 H17 at 25/50 minimum. Not too many left on the strip but I think Luxor and Treasure Island has the same options.
Mostly 6 Decks. Sept 2022


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I think there were $25 tables at Cosmo sometimes, I didn't experience heat there. You'll have a lot more options at $50 tables if you can stomach it.

But still, who cares if you get backed off their crappy games anyway. Go down the street.