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Discussion in 'Midwest USA' started by sagefr0g, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. sagefr0g

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    supposedly slots-like video lottery terminals at Ohio's seven horse tracks will be allowed.
    what the heck is a slots-like video lottery terminal?
    does this mean these machines will be class II gaming machines instead of class III ?
    based on the lottery, like bingo game based machines?
    edit: hmm can't really tell from this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Lottery_Terminal
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  2. tthree

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    Sounds like you purchase a paperless scratch off ticket with each spin. You have no way of knowing whether the big money has been "scratched" or not. If it is run by government you know the will never exceed the minimum payout in the long run so once they do you are playing at an even bigger disadvantage.
  3. Throw Down!

    At the Ohio casino's,,,bring it on!:grin::cool::laugh:

  4. moo321

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    Apparently they have slot machines at the racetracks now. I may check this out, although I doubt I'll turn anything up...
  5. blackchipjim

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    lottery slots

    Hey Sage, the state of Ohio has little slot parlors that you can play slots in and are based on the number of people that are playing and or have played? This has skirted the gambling law for a few years and is more prominient more now then ever. Little store fronts with the windows darkened have popped up all over the state. My wife is curious but doesn't want to venture in for fear of the easiness of access to the evil machines. The machines payouts are still a mystery to me because I don't really play slots except video poker.

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