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  1. metronome

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    Speaking of voodoo, this is where I always go BEFORE I head over to the Horseshoe (in the background, how convenient).:eek:
    Just don't spill any chicken blood on the felt:devil:

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  2. aslan

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    Great! Is there a place closer to the Strip? :cool2:
  3. aslan

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    Does a rabbit's foot last forever, or must you have it recharged? Do they do recharging at the place shown above, or do you need to invest in a whole new thingamajig, whatever you are using? This can get expensive and become -EV if you are not careful. Are there any living thing charms like live-chicken-blood-soaked cloths, or fresh rat hair, which seem to have greater potency, especially for games involving other life force participants? What is their calculated full life expectancy at 95% confidence? At 80% confidence? Any diminution in effectiveness at lesser confidence levels, or just attenuation of scope and versatility? That's all for now; I have to get back to practicing my card counting drills. Counting skills come in handy as a last resort or supplemental modality, but a terrible idea for a standalone strategy; what fool would invest large sums with a scant 1% edge? There's a ploppy born every minute of every day! Let's put the "V" back in Voodoo!
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  4. zengrifter

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    All talismans require recharging. Through ritual the object is imbued with the intent of the user. zg
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    Kudos to aslan.

    A great post !


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