Welcome to the new message board

The Mayor

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Welcome all to the new message board format!

I decided to upgrade the message board software. I will leave the other board up for a while for reference, but ask that you please move the discussions to this board.

You are encouraged to create a profile, and to password protect your posts. This will allow you to delete your posts if you chose, and to make sure no one else will be able to post under your handle.

The rules for posting here are simple:

1) No foul or abusive language.
2) Mythology cannot be promoted or encouraged.
3) No posts that might endanger individuals.

Also, on a human note, I ask that each of us be patient, not take things too personally, and always try and be as helpful as possible in our posts.

Happy posting!



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Just a note to say I enjoy the new message format. You've got a great site here. Keep up the good work...