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I am again ready to hit the cassino after my extended string of losses. (see old messages) I have put togather my game plan which will require 15 hrs of play per week and will take me 33 weeks to acomplish. Goal is to build a bankroll of $ 30,000 which breaks down to playing 495 hours with an average hourly of approx. $ 60 per hour.
Wish me lock and will keep you updated.

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Please keep us posted from the trail, I am very interested in your experiences.

If you haven't read "Blackjack Autumn" you would enjoy it in preparation for what you are about to do.

Good luck!

Hey Biff:
Just out of curiosity can you tell me more about your plan of attack?

Bankroll ,games to play,counting system used, bet speads and locale.
It sounds like you need a big BR to make 60 bucks an hour.Are you trying to double up on your current BR?
Good luck and keep everyone informed .The less experinced players on here...lol which only seem to be me want to here the gory details bad and good..
Heat ..huge sessions drawdowns , your mental framework etc.

I am right behind you with a smaller investigative BR of my own.I am going to hit Biloxi/Tunica in a month or so for 500 hours.

regards Lee
Don't want to give out too much info at this point as will be playing in smaller casino areas.

As stated in past posts I play mainly SD games and plan to start out with red units, spreading 1 -5 and increase my unit size as bankroll increases. As unit size increases I will have to lower my spread as to eliminate heat etc. and also spread my action around. ( I use alot of cover from Ian Andersen's "Burning the Tables In Las Vegas", in my play)

A bit of background. I have been a counter since the early 80's and have used Canfield's Master System. This is a balanced count, two level and use side count of aces for betting.

I know that I will receive a lot of flack from math people as to my plan but is based on my past experience and results. My session or trip BR will be 40 plus max bets and this will be my quide to when I can increase my unit size. The final strategy will be playing black, 1-3 or 4 spread and reducing playing time to 10 hours per week.

Enough rambling for now and again I will keep you updated.
Re: IF you plan to play LV...

At this time Vegas is not in my game plan. There are so many better games around if one is willing to take the time to investigate. Not that I am not interested in your info.

Have you played Mesquite in the last few months. CBJN gives some fairly good numbers for their SD game but am wondering if it is error?

Maybe flawed gameplan...

...because you will be too over-played and burned in the 1D games - 1D games are overrated anyway - and the games you propose will be too congested in any event, so here are some suggestions -

1. Don't start with 5u per'se - gage your min-bet according to the game you are playing (min-bet recomendations provided elsewhere) - you you can afford a trip-stake of $2000 then your minUnit can be $10 in any event.

2. Plan to play a range of games as you find them - 1D (no more than 1 other player/spot) - 2D (wong-out a lot, no more than 2 other players/spots) - 6&8D (wong-in only, no more than 3 others)

3. Plan to do a lot of wong-in/wong-out on the 2-8D games.

Thats for starters.

About Mesquite, it sucks, but a couplae of PRIMO 1-2D games may be found in Paraump, as well as Laughlin, LV, Reno, and the best 1Ds for green-chip+ play is Wendover NV, 100 miles from Salt Lake City.

$60/hr safely on $2k BR? YES!...

... but only in Vegas IF you know the secret. For ordinary counting I would hold at least $12k to make $60/hr if I wanted to sustain a RoR less than 5% (with no downsizing if the BR tanks). zg
Re: Well Mayor NO COVER

>> ( I use alot of cover from Ian Andersen's
"Burning the Tables In Las Vegas", in my play) <<

IA's gambit creates a very poor DI and SCORE and is NOT for small stakes play in any event... IN FACT NO COVER is advised for the small stakes and I recommend that you play to a higher RoR UNTILL you can safely play greens, where the better conditions/less congestion provides higher quality EV and your then larger BR allows for safer RoR bet-sizing. zg
Re: $60/hr safely on $2k BR? YES!...

I am confused zg...are you saying $60 per hour is only possible in LV with "the secret" or $60 per hour is possible on a 12K BR w/Biffs gameplan or the amended gameplan you have suggested to Biff??
And what the hey is "the secret" ??? shuffle tracking????
This is the second time in 24 hours I have seen you reference LV as secretively much more profitable than other games ..Where does this huge gain in EV come from ??
$60+/hr w/$2k, low risk?

The $60/hr w/$12k mod'd plan is viable.

The $60+/hr w/$2k mod'd plan is viable, with the "LV secret" and the secret is "couponomy" as suggested in Clarke Cant's marvelous treatise BJTherapy found here -


Specifically, though Cant doesn't identify the top available coupons that will make a punyBR perform like a "nitrous charged" hot-rod. Those coupons may be found here -


I wouldn't think of playing LV on $5k or less w/o AT LEAST one of each of the above per day - EV for 6hrs play w/coups and $2k BR = $500, RoR = 5%, maybe?

Re: $60+/hr w/$2k, low risk?

Ahso ..Yes I understand now..Thanks for the clarification and links.
Could this "couponomy" be used on a more than occasional basis if I had them..like weekly or daily? w/cover at various shifts on rotating schedule of participating casinos?

thnx zg

>> Could this "couponomy" be used on a more than occasional basis if I had them..like weekly or daily? w/cover at various shifts on rotating schedule of participating casinos? <<

Sshhhh! If any member of your couponomist-team should be barred or back-roomed, the CardCounter.com forum will disavow any knowledge of your actions! zg(I used 6 LVA books in 6 days last month)
Re: Maybe flawed gameplan...

Thanks for the advise. My plans to start this week end got thumped as had a case of the flu.

I said I was starting with a red 1-5 spread. Meant would be 10 - 50.
Re: $60/hr safely on $2k BR? YES!...

The $60 per hour win rate is projected over the period of 495 hours and would be average. Will be times it will be less, smaller units at the start, and times it will be greater, larger units as bankroll grows.