what are the good casino in Washington?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by bluegirl, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. bluegirl

    bluegirl Member

    hi guys! what are some best casino in seattle? i am just wondering! i have been in tulalip and red dragon. i like red dragon. the staffs are friendly and the room decorations is good and it has a pretty good rule too like DAS, DA2 and H17. i found tulalip is a good casino but the dealer often make mistake and CSM. likewise the count doest not go more than +6 (running count) according to my count :p

    tell me more about the best casino in washington with the best rule (player's advantage)? :)
  2. SD Padres

    SD Padres Well-Known Member

    I'm not from the area but I have played Muckelshoot and it's not very good. Mostly 8 decks with poor pen. I would avoid this place.
  3. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    That can be moderately profitable if you catch and correct the mistakes that hurt you, and let the ones that help you slide.

    But on any game with a CSM, don't waste your time counting, there's no place to "start" or "stop" your count.
  4. bluegirl

    bluegirl Member

    i have been in muckleshot and you cant double down after split and poor penetration too. but they do have attractive sidebet which is called luckylady. all you have to do is get a total of 20 for your first two cards like 2 face cards or ace and 9. and you can side bet when the running count is high. :)
    if you are lucky enough to get two queens heart and the dealer get blackjack you will get 5000 of what you bet for the side bet :grin:
  5. BlodiaInc

    BlodiaInc Active Member

    check the threads o the lucky ladies side bet... you need a ridiculous true cuont for it to be +EV...

    you sort of remind me cowcantfly... maybe it's just me =)
  6. bluegirl

    bluegirl Member

    cowcantfly?? whos that
  7. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    There are a few decent card rooms that I play at. Two in Shoreline, one in Kirkland, and I'm about to start playing in the tournaments up at Red Dragon. Several of the stores are owned by the same group (Washington Gold).

    From reading CBJN, if there's one casino to avoid, it's Muckleshoot in Auburn. I've never played there, but it seems miserable (won't go into details--if you want those, you'll have to fork over the $15 yourself).
  8. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    I believe the TC HiLo index for LL is ~6
  9. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    washington tulalip casino blk jack condition?

    Is it CSM now? any shoe games available during weekdays,min?please give me some info,as i would like to visit there .
  10. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    Tulalip is not CSM, it is a shoe (6D). As I recall it has the following rules:

    6D, H17, DAS, DAT, RS4, no RSA, no HSA, only lose original bet vs BJ, no LS, 3:2. Per the wizard of odds calculator, this results in a house edge of .62% (.64%) when you consider the effect of the cut card.

    On a weekend night, you'll only find $10+ tables. Other days you might find $5. It's an Indian casino, so the WA no-smoking laws do not apply. Drinks are expensive.

    Tulalip was the first WA casino I ever visited (before I became an AP), and I have quickly learned to turn to the smaller card rooms for better rules, proximity, and playing conditions. I would not recommend Tulalip, except for the occasional player's club mailer, or to get more of the real casino experience with all of the pomp and pizazz (if you're into that stuff).

    As long as they keep sending me free money (match plays, etc) in the mail, I"ll go and play the player bet on Baccarat to cash them out* but I do not make a regular habit of playing here without special incentives.

    *When playing a match play that is restricted to "even money" bets, Baccarat is often a better bet than blackjack (literally). Match plays often cannot be doubled, split, surrendered, etc effectively. As a result, you should rarely (if at all) use these basic strategy options when you have a match play in use. By eliminating these options, the house edge on blackjack is increased severely (well beyond 1%). Instead a bet on the player in Baccarat is optimum, as it carries a house edge of only 1.24%, and suffers no limitations versus the regular game. For exact values of match plays by each game, consult the wizard of odds website. If you are not restricted to even money bets, it is advisable to take the riskiest option possible--often a single number on Roulette.
  11. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    I dont wanna spoil any of the REALLY good games, but I can give you a few pointers.

    Avoid Muckleshoot at all costs. The clientele are sleazy, the place is scummy, and the rules are the worst in the state. 8 deck H17, no DAS (which is unheard of in WA in a shoe game), no surrender, no rsa, and the penetration is the poorest I've ever seen. Do not waste your time here.

    Virtually every card room in WA has decent rules and pen with 6 deck shoes. Just call around and ask how many decks they use. Some places are sweatier than others, but for the most part heat is minimal in these small joints just cause the staff is so inexperienced.

    Unless your in a team and need a lot of tables, the Indian casinos are a waste of time.
  12. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    I agree. The only 8D I've seen is Crazy Moose in Mountlake Terrace, but otherwise their rules are good (DAS, LS, RSA) so it's not to penalizing. And the penetration makes up for the extra decks (8D with 1.5 cut off = 81% pen). Unless you're trying to play a black chip units, cardrooms are better than tribal.

    All of the WA cardrooms (and tribal) are S17 (per CBJN) so you'd have to travel out of state to find one that isn't, which isn't really worthwhile unless you're a black chipper.
  13. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Crazy Moose went to 8 decks?
  14. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    Well its not like I asked them how many they were using, but I've never seen a discard pile go that high before....threw my penetration estimates off at first until I realized that I was dealing with a different number of decks haha.
  15. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Turns out Crazy Moose has gone to 8 decks. :(
  16. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    Regarding card rooms (non-Indian casinos) in the state of Washington, does the state allow vegas-style casinos off of the reservations? In those card rooms, do people actually play against a house? That is, does the card room act as the house/banker, or does an outside corporation come in and act as the house/banker and pays the card room a drop/collection fee for each hand dealt?

    In CA, non-Indian card rooms don't actually act as the house. An outside corporation comes in and acts as the house and pays the card room a drop/collection fee for each hand dealt.

  17. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Going off CBJN and the fact that AP's play in these cardrooms, it is vegas style blackjack with no collection fee. No smoking in all of these casinos is also a BIG plus. No more dizziness and next day fatigue. I've been wanting to go to some of these casinos in washington but the expenses getting there would require a good number of hours of play to break even.
  18. cityman

    cityman Member

    I think you mean H17 - dealer always HITS on soft 17. I haven't seen a single stay on soft 17 in WA.
  19. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Yes all tables in WA are H17. I've never seen a S17 table.
  20. cityman

    cityman Member

    Same goes for Emerald Queen...same crappy rules, same crappy conditions

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