What are your favorite places in the northwest


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Anyone have any favorite places or games up in the pacific northwest. I will be headed up that way soon and was wondering where I should go put some time in at the BJ tables.


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No super duper games to ruin

by sharing some general information, so here are a few places I like and which at best have only decent games:
Silver Reef in Bellingham (also has 10X odds craps on weekends but only 5X during the week)
Clearwater on Bainbridge Island
The tribal casinos in the immediate Seattle/Tacoma area don't have games worth playing unless your idea of fun is backcounting 8 deck H17 games.
There are several card rooms within Seattle with marginally playable 6D games.
CBJN has a decent run down on what's available.


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Hey Swamper-
Off exit 88B on I-5 is the Lucky Eagle Casino. Nice buffet. They have single and doulbe deck-I play the 6 deckers. LS,H17,DAT,DAS, pen is good they cut down to one deck sometimes better. At exit 16 La Center Washington they have 2 casinos-each divide into 2 so to speak, also good games last time I was there. Check the current La Center games in CBJN. Good cards!:joker:
On the single and double deck games I think it's double on 10 and 11 only no DAS at the Lucky Eagle.
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The Point used to have Bust-It Blackjack that was fun, to me, to back count aces and drop a max on the side bet when it was favorable! [source] Otherwise the break-even was +5 TC. They've now currently switched to Down Under Blackjack...(they tell you a range of what the dealers under card is), which I haven't mastered the changes in basic strategy (probably what they planned), but the edge is about .57% or something lol and you push on a 22. [Down Under Blackjack basic strategy]

There's also All-Star Lanes. The games are shit but the only thing that makes it worth it as a local is the daily $15 match plays you can just drop on 1 or 2 hands. For a while it was worth playing the Lucky Ladies because the dealers were shuffling stupid and it was easier to shuffle track for a cut. What i'd do is watch the shuffle then jump in and play two hands the first couple deals. I've seen lucky ladies hit 5 times now there if that's any indication for how often I used to go in during my little routine. fri-sat nights until like 1am they used to have a free breakfast buffet of eggs and sausage, etc.

I forget where now but somewhere north of Olympia they still have mid-shoe entry for double deck with descent rules.
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