What do you foresee when casinos reopen?

Let's not go crazy here...but I am curious to hear some members thoughts on this.
What realistic conditions / changes do you expect to see regarding AP Blackjack? Any?
I have no idea but I’m bracing for it to be extra sweaty for some time. Also guessing a 3 player per table type thing and fewer tables open so probably impractical for back counting, perhaps seats difficult to come by but once you do have a seat if it’s that arrangement should be easier to play multiple hands and play semi uncrowded tables at lower minimums that have usually been crowded.


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I agree that there will be good promotions to entice players, and I suspect that heat will be much less for a while, as they will be happy to see anyone sitting at a table. Surveillance will have many other, new things to pay attention to aside from AP's.

6:5 probably won't go away, sadly.