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  1. NightStalker

    NightStalker Well-Known Member

    PlayerA playing slot machine on PlayerB's player card. PlayerA hit jackpot for 92$ on 5$ machine..
    Attendant ask for player's card.. 'A' gave B's card and then attendant ask for ssn or tin. Player 'A' said that he'll bring ssn some other day He got receipt of jackpot with B's name on it and asked to collect it within a day or two.. Receipt shows validation for 6months..

    What are the options:
    • Player A go back and collect jackpot using B's ssn in 3-4 days on different ****?
    • B should go with receipt and give his ssn to collect jackpot in 3-4 days on different ****?
    • Forget about the jackpot..
  2. LovinItAll

    LovinItAll Well-Known Member

    Wow. No good options. They'll probably ask for I.D. too, right? How about this:

    Player A goes to get his money and says, "I didn't realize I had my friend's player's card in the machine - we were here together a few days earlier. I didn't even look at the receipt when it was given to me. You can roll the tape if you need to, but I want my money." (unless he's been trespassed or is underage).

    [edit] $92 on a $5 machine? Is this a mis-type? That's not a jackpot, is it? In LV, even $92 on a $.01 machine wouldn't require I.D.
  3. WRX

    WRX Well-Known Member

  4. NightStalker

    NightStalker Well-Known Member

    it is $92 only

    cheap casino :(
    Player A don't want to give his identity.. They do not require id by law, it was some slot promotion. They need ssn by casino policy. They do not need id as player's card is enough..
  5. The Chaperone

    The Chaperone Well-Known Member

    SSN by casino policy... Just give them any random 9 digit number. They have no right to ask for that for 92 bucks, and you are not breaking a law by giving them a false SSN.

  6. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    Giving a false SSN is breaking the law. You don't have to give any, but making up a random number is most likely going to result in you giving some persons SSN. Using another persons SSN is a crime.
  7. NightStalker

    NightStalker Well-Known Member

    Casino verify SSN

    before paying any promotional jackpot to the customer..
  8. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    Those in the know can smell out a random S.S. No. as the digits indicate various things, e.g. the first 2 digits are a location code.

    If this is a non-tribal enterprise you can demand your money as they have no right to rigidly enforce ANY "policy" that only they deem necessary.

    Be aware that even if player's A & B were friends or relatives and were sitting and playing together that there are some nasty consequences possible.

    Not long ago two (actual) little old ladies who were regulars on a bus of ploppies were playing their favorite slot machines.

    Player A said "I am going to the Ladies Room, but you can keep playing on my card." A big jackpot was hit by Player B and when she had her friend accept the tax forms they were confronted by security goons and turned over to the State Police and charged with money laundering. I do not know the eventual outcome.
  9. LovinItAll

    LovinItAll Well-Known Member

    Little old ladies:

  10. Blackjackdealer

    Blackjackdealer Active Member

    Casinos usually take a picture of people who leave with unclaimed jackpots. Just a FYI.
  11. bigplayer

    bigplayer Well-Known Member

    You should always give your real SSN...although sometimes I've been known to get confused and transpose numbers or just screw it up completely. As long as you are only giving it verbally there is no proof that the screw up wasn't just a clerical error. (Especially if you know no tax form is going to be filed on such a small jackpot). If you ever fill out a W9 it is a crime to give wrong SSN intentionally as there is an oath where you sign your name attesting the info is correct.
  12. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

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