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Single deck is almost extinct in Las Vegas *LINK*

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The raggedy Western, the almost-as-bad El Cortez, a table or two at Vegas Club, and a couple of tables at Binion's. Only at Binion's can you get any reasonable amount of money down, but watch out for pref shuffling. Four Queens also has a single deck table, but uses a cut card and is very low roller -- no reasonable money can be bet. You want single deck? Go to Reno.
The Danger Zone

If SD is a must, beyond EC, you will need to travel further away from the "safety" of Neonopolis and rub shoulders with the aristocracy at the Western and the Gold Spike.

There are also two tables at the Four Queens, but they are often crowded.

I would take a closer look at DD. DD games have become a much healthier option in all areas concerned.



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I've not been happy...

with the deterioration of the Plaza's DD game. That game was the nuts despite sweat on Graveyard; I found Swing to be a great time to play. Anyone have any info on the DDs at the Klondike casinos? Is it comparable to downtown?

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The Klondike? It's an insult to bears *LINK*

Both Klondikes are ultra low-level grind joints. According to CBJN, the table max is only $200 at each store and the pen is a joke.

I haven't been to either Klondike in years, but I remember that the environment was terrible. Most patrons play coins, not chips. May as well play at the (cough, cough) Gold spike.


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Checked out the SD games tonight...

Vegas Club had one SD game open with a $25 minimum. I would imagine that game would be heat city. Binion's had 2, one at a $25 min the other at $15. 4 Queens had 1 game at $5. And then of course you had El Cortez and Western (where I played) with several tables at $3 minimum. I got better penetration at Western than Cortez, despite the drunk royal-match playing idiot who kept yelling at the dealer to shuffle after every hand.

The walk from the FS experience to the Western is safe. A cop will tail you part of the way since you will stick out like a sore thumb and he assumes you are there to buy drugs. Of course you will hear the obligatory question, "You straight homey, you straight?" several times during your journey.


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I remember the Klondike

I played there about 2 years ago. It has been the only place in my career where I got more heat from the dealer than the pit. He shuffled up on me for jumping my bet from $5 to $15. My spread was only $5-$30 but between the shallow pen and pref shuffling he wouldn't let me have any fun. He even chuckled when I split nines twice (to three hands) and lost them all. A real mean bastard.

The casino chips are a joke. The green ones are just plastic with crappy foil embossing - they don't even look real. They look like the cheap plastic ones they sell at GGC. The red chips are the standard Paulsons though.

You can check them out, but don't expect anything decent. Just a crappy DD NDAS 50% game with big heat.