where is the best place for blackjack in Reno, NV

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by jtleon, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. jtleon

    jtleon Member


    i would like to know if which casino has the best rule for blackjack in Reno, NV?

    is that all blackjack in reno, NV has the rule of dealer hit on soft17?
  2. nc-tom

    nc-tom Well-Known Member

    JT this has been covered in previous threads on this forum if you want to research it but I would check out the Sieena,Boomtown-silver club peppermill and circus circus. As far as dealer hitting 17 I dont know about the high roller areas but at the lower limits all places I have seen are dealer hit 17. LOL
  3. jtleon

    jtleon Member

    i will try to look for the old threads that discuss about this to find out why those places are better.
  4. squaredancer

    squaredancer Member

    you might also try the eldorado, they have adecent single deck game.:)
  5. nc-tom

    nc-tom Well-Known Member

    Last time i was at ED there 1 deck game was 6-5 BJ:whip:and the pen sucked. They were still using mindplay at 6 deck games. You can find better in Reno.
  6. Cardcounter

    Cardcounter Well-Known Member

    Hands down its Boomtown!

    On their single deck game you can double down on any two cards and they pay you 3 to 2 for blackjack the house edge is only .16% they do hit soft 17 but so does everybody else. vs an average edge of .46 on 10-11 only games or compare that to 6 to 5 blackjack which has a 1.5% edge.

    If you can't beat boomtown's game you can't beat anybody elses game because there are no better rules any where else in the world including vegas and off the strip of vegas.
  7. Cass

    Cass Well-Known Member

    Barona has a game with .02% HA.
  8. kirbyk

    kirbyk Member

    American Casino Guide says they have a good game at Alamo Casino/ truck stop in Sparks. HA 0.18%. Anyone tried it?
  9. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    I tried it in 2001 - it was a great game - beter have a good act, its just a truck stop! zg
  10. Yes I tried it in 2004. Tripling bet triggers shuffle. They douched me out of there in about a half hour.
  11. Negrocan

    Negrocan Member

    Yes, it is a great game. I play it at least once every trip for fun. The main problem is that it is only a $100 max. Some dealers shuffle up when you raise your bet and others don't. Another problem is that when you surrender a hand they yell out surrender to let the pit know that this guy knows what he is doing. None of the truckers ever surrender. I find it best to play the 'high roller' table $10 minimum (lol) to get heads up. I play $10 in nutral and negative counts and anytime I have plus count I jump to table max. Sure, I've been thrown out of here four times but I just go back. They don't seem to keep a record of who they have thrown out.
  12. jetace

    jetace Well-Known Member

    Alamo has late surrender and 6 card Charlie. Knocks the casinos advantage lower than any other casino. But unless you play heads up (pretty much only possible at the $10 table), you won't get crap for penetration. Dirty joint, but amazing rules.
  13. avs21

    avs21 Well-Known Member

    Alamo you can get good pen with two players also. The blackjack tables have been pretty empty everytime I have been there. Everyone I have played with at the table doesn't even know what surrender is! The first time I played at the Alamo I used surrender it was a mistake. A new dealer jumped it went from 70%-50 or worse. He started questioning how I played a couple of my hands. The whole pit crew came over and watched over the game. I found out later this is a common practice in this casino to stick PC as a dealer when someone is using LS and they are playing a decent game. Second time at the Alamo I used a larger spread and no LS I did not recieve any heat at all.

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